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1. Behold Your God Consider serving with Behold Your God” in the coming months!! Opportunities are as varied as helping to pack tract bags, hand out water bottles to weary campaigners, share in our prayer network OR be a full-time campaigner (for all or part of a campaign). Campaigns will take place in: MARSEILLES, FRANCE […]

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New York City Summer Campaign 2007

Sarah: During campaign training at Moody Bible Institute, I had to memorize our proposal statement*, reciting it over and over. I have to admit, I began feeling bored with it! But during campaign, a woman named Maureen was so moved that she burst into tears halfway through the proposal statement! That was an incredible reminder […]

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July 2007 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign

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A Note From David Brickner

If I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere… With all due respect to Frank Sinatra and the city of New York, I titled this article with thoughts of Chicago, where our annual summer campaign training is about to begin. Sixteen Jews for Jesus staff and volunteers are gathering at Moody Bible Institute for […]

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Report on witnessing campaigns in Marseilles, France and New York City

The two-week Marseilles campaign enabled us to hand out 318,000 broadsides, and receive names of 354 unbelieving Jewish contacts willing to hear more, as well as 322 unbelieving Gentile contacts. Two Jewish people made professions of faith in Christ as well as 13 Gentiles. Thanks for upholding this campaign in your prayers. The only Muslim-related […]

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An Open Letter to the Family of Jewish Believers in Jesus Part II

This is the second installment in a three-part series based on challenges the book of Hebrews made to Jewish believers of the first century. That wonderful New Testament epistle applies to Gentile as well as Jewish believers, and so, I hope, will my twenty-first century reflections. Last month’s article presented two admonitions: to love Yeshua […]

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Campaign Reflections: Troubler of Israel
Author: Stephen Katz

Our month-long Annual New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign begins July 1. In order to help you pray for this month’s campaigners, we thought we’d share reflections from a couple of veteran campaigners. These articles share a vulnerable side of our missionaries that we don’t always portray, because we are not looking to throw a […]

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Report on Campaigns in New York City and Manchester, England

Thanks for praying for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaign as well as the Behold Your God Manchester campaign last month. Here are some of the results: In New York, in four weeks campaigners handed out 1,322,900 tracts, got names and addresses of 462 unbelieving Jewish people and 1,108 Gentiles wanting to know more. And they […]

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Pray for Jews for Jesus Witnessing Campaigns Going on Now in New York City and Manchester, England

New York This the 30th anniversary of Jews for Jesus New York City Summer Witnessing, Campaigns! To help celebrate, a number of our veteran staff members have been coming in for a week at a time—giving us a fuller campaign roster than we have had in a number of years. Maybe that explains the call […]

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Newsflash: New York City Witnessing Campaign

Sometimes less is more… We hoped for 24 full-time campaigners for our 2003 New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign—got 17, but what a great crew! They’re really cranking! Fourteen days into the campaign, as of lunchtime, Monday, July 14, they’ve handed out 382,835 broadside tracts, have gotten the names of 180 unbelieving Jews and 167 […]

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Campaigner Looks Back and Ahead

Hot town, summer in the city.…” Do you think the Lovin’ Spoonful wrote that song about the Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City? Every year we bring a team of willing workers to the Big Apple to share the Good News of Yeshua and to remind them that though New York […]

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Two Sides of the Campaign Coin

The two main positions for the witnessing Campaign are campaigner and steward (we also need an experienced chef!). Campaigners do the actual work of evangelism. Stewards tend to cooking, laundry and keeping literature bags filled as well as giving prayer support. Stewards enable campaigners to focus all their energy and attention on evangelism. We’ve asked […]

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Tisha Be-Av and Related Mourning Times
Author: Rich Robinson

These days are observed only by traditional Orthodox Jews. Some non-Orthodox Jews tend to recognize them as important in Jewish tradition but do not encourage traditional observance. Sheva Asar be-Tammuz Meaning of Name: The 17th of Tammuz English Name: The Fast of Tammuz Calendar Month: June/July Jewish Calendar Date: Originally the 9th of Tammuz to […]

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A Training Lesson: It Pays to Ask!
Author: Karol Joseph

Preparing for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaigns is no easy task. After we’ve identified those Jewish believers God has raised up for the outreach and helped them raise their missionary support, there’s still the matter of training them—getting them ready for the streets. For three years I have had the privilege of training new campaigners […]

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Booths in Bethesda

When I was a boy, growing up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Kansas City meant that I was a member of a very defined, closed community with distinctive rules and religious obligations. There is a clearly delineated body of Orthodox Jewish law. Under that law, certain foods are forbidden. Travel more than a specified […]

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Campaign Echoes…

Our annual Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York always makes a high profile statement for the Lord. On the streets, in the subways and wherever crowds gather, our staff and volunteer campaigners proclaim the message of Messiah and do their best to make Yeshua an unavoidable issue. By God’s grace, at the […]

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More About Our Evangelism in The Soviet Union

In recent issues of this Newsletter we reported on an evangelistic tour to the Soviet Union by some of our Los Angeles staff and two other ministers, and we also published some encouraging pictures. We know that our five-person team made a definite impact for the gospel during that trip, and we expect to hear […]

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Summer Witnessing Campaign 1990

We have much cause for rejoicing about our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign this year. We went in shorthanded; last year we had 33 campaigners, but somehow this year we only had 22. It must have been Satan who sent fiery virus-tipped darts our way, because virtually all our campaigners and our eight stewards […]

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Yeshua Is God’s Light For Everyone
Author: Steve B.

I was passing out broadsides in front of a park-like setting near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City when I saw a man leaning up against a railing. He looked about 55 years of age and seemed very troubled. I began speaking to him, and the first thing he said to me was, I’m […]

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A Raisin to Believe
Author: David M.

Many come to the Big Apple and try to witness, but most traditional forms of outreach are barely even noticed as the masses hurry by. To be heard in New York City you really have to make some noise, or at least maintain a high profile. Such is the case with our Jews for Jesus […]

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The Fruit of Suffering
Author: Laura Barron

At our Johannesburg Jews for Jesus Friday night fellowship we were studying the book of Job. It is not easy to accept the fact that suffering could be a gift from God, and even a blessing, but something special happened at the meeting that clearly brought this lesson home to me. I had asked a […]

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Ears to Hear
Author: Lori Baron

He that hath an ear, let him hear.” These words were spoken by Yeshua three times in the Gospel of Matthew and seven times in the book of Revelation. In Matthew 13:11-17 Jesus explained to his disciples that he taught in parables so that those with open hearts directed toward God would find truth and […]

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Why Have a Campaign?
Author: Moishe Rosen

As this Newsletter reaches you, Jews for Jesus is gearing up for our 1989 Summer Witnessing Campaign. This kind of street evangelism will probably not become popular in the church because it is so difficult. Some even ask, Why a street witnessing campaign? Isn’t the ‘regular kind’ of evangelism enough?” No, it is not! We […]

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Campaign Circus

My skin felt sticky, and my shirt was damp at the shoulder under the strap of the tract bag I was carrying. It was a hot, humid day in downtown Boston. There I stood on the Freedom Trail by Faneuil Hall under the burning sun distributing a tract called Tourist Tsuris. (Tsuris is a Yiddish […]

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