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Is it rational to believe in Jesus as Messiah? These Jewish scientists came to be convinced of this truth.

A Bridge over the Chasm
Author: James Tour

A famous Jewish chemist made the most important discovery of his life when he opened up the New Testament.

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You Don’t Need a PhD to Figure Out this Equation: Ziggy Rogoff’s Story

by Ziggy Rogoff, as told to Alison Barnett My life’s two passions have been mathematics and being Jewish. I viewed life as one big equation and was always looking for its solution! So how does Jewish boy + a traditional Jewish education + mathematics PhD = believer in Jesus? My paternal relatives, the Rogoffs, came…

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Space Wasn’t the Final Frontier

I spent the first year of my life in that bastion of Jewish civilization known as Brooklyn; then my family moved to Queens. We attended a Conservative synagogue, where I developed an early awareness of God and the fact that things pertaining to him were to be set apart from the ordinary. Everyone in New…

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For Heaven’s Sake: A Jewish Astronomer’s Odyssey
Author: David Block

The year was 1969. The event had been advertised on the radio again and again. I arose at four o’clock in the morning and watched a blazing comet with utter awe, as its tail stretched across the eastern skies. My love affair with astronomy had begun. South African astronomer Jack Bennett, who discovered the comet…

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