stories of lawyers

Answering to a Higher Authority: The Life and Legacy of Harold J. Berman
Author: Matt Sieger

Harold J. Berman, who taught law at Harvard for 37 years and at Emory University for two decades, said that he, like all children, started studying the subject at a very young age. Belief in law comes from early childhood,” he said. “A child says, ‘It’s my toy.’ That’s property law. A child says, ‘You…

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My Mother and Mastercard
Author: Jay Sekulow

People who meet my mother say that we are alot alike. There is a major difference, though; I am a Jew who believes in Jesus, and my mother is a Jew who does not. Well, more about my mother later. I am an attorney, and I serve as General Counsel with Jews for Jesus. It…

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