Israel’s Salvation
July 15, 2013
Topics: salvation

I just had the opportunity to speak at the Messiah Conference in Grantham, Pennsylvania on a topic that is dear to me. I know that many of you feel as I do about Israel so I thought I might share some of that message here with you. With Egypt and Syria in flames it is…

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Is Homer Simpson Worth Saving?
March 31, 2010
Author: Matt Sieger

Before the latest episode of The Simpsons aired on Sunday, March 28 (Palm Sunday and the day before Passover), the show’s producer, Al Jean, promised, “people of all three religions will be equally offended.”

He was right. The episode, in which the Simpsons visit Jerusalem, offended me as a Jew and as a believer in Jesus (I am both), and, if I were a Muslim, I’m sure I would have been offended as well…

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Yeshua: The Jewish Word for Salvation
December 1, 1987
Topics: salvation

In today’s society many people have names that were chosen for them because they sounded pleasant to their parents’ ears or because they represented an idea of some aesthetic significance. Out of the late sixties we have names like Moonbeam and Summit. One mother from the hippie culture even named her child Everlasting Peace. American…

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