October 3, 2014
Author: Matt Sieger

When injuries downed many of our beloved San Francisco Giants, our super subs came through!

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“Once Upon A Time” and Redemption
November 25, 2013
Topics: redemption

Taking a break from my tales tonight to reflect on something that’s been both an inspiration and a frustration to me as I’ve been writing them.  My husband and I recently discovered the ABC show, “Once Upon A Time.”  We loved it from the first episode, and have been watching it almost every night for…

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March 1, 2013

If you could choose just one word to describe what you want people to know about you, what would it be? Were you surprised by the first thought that came to your mind? Usually what we want others to know about us reflects what we most value in ourselves. All of us are complex combinations…

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I Kings 17: Food for Thought
December 21, 2009
Author: Iris Adler

Food is a focal point. It’s true today, and it was true in the ninth century B.C. when Elijah the prophet lived. Back then, the situation was graver than on Yom Kippur, when we fast and quickly learn to appreciate our fuller pre-Temple hours. In Elijah’s time, there was drought, more drought and famine. Then…

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