prophecies of the messiah in the hebrew bible

Bits from the Branches
December 1, 2006

Johannesburg Teresa Sischy reports, A Christian named Bernice called our office, asking me to pray for her son and his Jewish fiancee. Her desire was for both of them to love and serve Jesus as their Messiah and Savior. I maintained contact with Bernice over the following months, giving her pointers on sharing Messiah with […]

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Is Psalm 2 considered messianic by the rabbis and Jewish sages?
January 1, 2005

Though some say that Psalm 2 is not considered messianic by the rabbis or Jewish sages, the Jewish messianic understanding of Psalm 2 has a long history. Some of the rabbinic sources which take a messianic interpretation of Psalm 2 are as follows: Babylonian Talmud, Sukkah 52a Our Rabbis taught, The Holy One, blessed be […]

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The Most Frequent Questions In Jewish Evangelism
February 1, 1986

Question: How can you believe in the New Testament? Isn’t it full of anti-Semitism and lies? Answer: The New Testament—which simply means New Covenant—needs to be accepted for what it is, a Jewish book written by Jewish people. Most of the concepts in the New Testament cannot be understood apart from their background in the […]

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