The Language of Prayer, Proclamation and Praise
April 1, 2017

Diverse languages, once a curse, are now a blessing. Read this month’s reflections by David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus.

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January 1, 1990
Topics: praise
Author: Ruth Rosen

  Preparing to Praise If you ever tried to paint a house without washing the walls, scraping off the old, peeling paint and repairing the cracks, you probably learned the hard way that preparation is nine-tenths of the job.” Maybe you’ve never painted a house, but you learned that adage in the context of putting…

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The Benefits of Praise: A Procedure for Problem Solving
July 1, 1988

If it gave no other benefit, the praise of God would still be a most worthy worship endeavor. Nevertheless, aside from the spiritual advantage of enabling us to relate to the Lord in a proper way, praise provides certain psychological side benefits” in the midst of problems. Praise helps us avoid depression. Letting our minds…

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