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Stories That Jews Tell (About Ourselves)
Author: Rich Robinson

We each have a paradigm through which we view our Jewish experience. What’s yours?

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Wailing Wall with a dove

So Why’d You Switch Teams?
Author: Rich Robinson

I’m Jewish and I believe in Jesus. So I’ve often been asked: So … why’d you switch teams? You belonged to the Jewish people, you had a great thing going for you — why did you go over to the “other side”? The side of the Christians, the non-Jews, with their goyische lives, their goyische kups,…

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Messianic Judaism: A Book Review
Author: Rich Robinson

By Dan Cohn-Sherbok. London; New York: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2000. 234 pages. One might wonder why a non-adherent would devote so much time and energy to researching Messianic Judaism. To ask this question of Dan Cohn-Sherbok—Professor of Judaism at the University of Wales and author of many other books on Jewish history and thought—one…

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An Introspective: A Review of Carol Harris-Shapiro’s Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi’s Journey through Religious Change in America

Book Title: Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi’s Journey through Religious Change in America Author: Carol Harris-Shapiro Date Published: August 4, 2000 Publisher: Beacon Press Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism2. Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts3. Bible Study & Reference ISBN: 978-0807010419 Reviewer: Naomi Rothstein Anticipating attack, I geared myself up to read Messianic Judaism: A Rabbi’s Journey…

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Milk and Honey: Forms that Reflect our Faith

One of the challenges we face as Jewish believers is finding forms that reflect and connect our faith in the God of our ancestors, our new birth in the Messiah Yeshua, and our Jewish heritage. Our desire is to keep those forms biblical and distinctly Jewish and to weave them creatively throughout our worship and…

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Letter Regarding Jewish Identity

Shalom Steve! Yesterday I received the Mishpochah Message with your lead article Alarming Our Community.” I must say that what I read made me angry. I am not angry with you personally, but with what you wrote. Please allow me to explain. Your analysis of what happened to Chuck Snow presents many important concerns. But…

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Author: Larry Brandt

A potential convert to Judaism once came to Shammai1—so the story goes—and asked him, How many Torahs do you have?” The stern Shammai replied, “Two—the Written Torah (the Law of Moses), and the Oral Torah (the Rabbinical traditions).” The man said, “Well, I’ll convert to Judaism on the condition that you teach me only the…

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Portrait of a Messianic Jewish Wedding

Baruch habah! May he who cometh be blessed! Mi adir al hakol, mi baruch al hakol, y’vorech chatan v’kalah. He who is supremely mighty; He who is supremely praised; He who is supremely great; May he bless this bridegroom and bride… Beneath the embroidered velvet chupah we listened to the words of this ancient benediction,…

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What Happens to the Children of Jews for Jesus?
Author: Martha Jacobs

I have heard a number of rabbis try to answer this question, each according to his own theory, but I have never heard anyone ask this question of one who can answer from experience. I am one of those children born to Jewish parents who believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and here is my…

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