Original House
Topics: poetry
Author: Heidi Borton

Capstone and stumbling block, the house falls in your absence and the people cry, prayer-weary, out of the abundance of their blood for they have been their own sacrifice, they have wailed at their own execution and noon and sunrise have passed. Their power lies in ruins. You know their prolix hearts and watch from…

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Passover Seder
Topics: passover, poetry

We prayed with our feet,” Gramma said every year at Passover, remembering her flight from Russia. (Snow. Cold. Running in woods, Romanian border. Run. Run. Run.) Young spring has given the first violet hyacinths. White lace drapes the table. Our ancestors live as we read. From the ruins of his bent-backed people Moses came pleading….

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At Fourteen
Topics: poetry

Barely blossoming, Neither woman nor child. Not understanding my creation Or the world’s. Not seeing a purpose in being… Till you rent the veil, And confusion melted. In a moment of repentance, The abstract became reality. Abba, Father, Now I am yours. A royal daughter, By a sacrifice not my own. At fourteen, Now an…

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Topics: poetry

The voice of love caressed my soul, embraced me, beckoned me, And I so very thoughtlessly yet willfully fled away. The voice of love is now a faint song, a whisper of long ago hard to hear, yet heard reaching, I remember when it was strong and vibrant when I could embrace the sweet and…

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Service and Self-Interest
Topics: poetry
Author: Avi Snyder

A popular hymn capsulizes the essence of Mark 10:44 by exhorting, If you want to be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be the servant of all.” It’s a lovely song and the words are so true. So why don’t we take them more seriously? Servanthood is such a wonderful word. It conjures up images…

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Topics: poetry

Zayde when I was a little girl you bounced me on your knee and called me shayna maidele” Your pretty one. Oh, your black beard scared me so! And zayde I always loved to look through your dresser drawer and find the cherry drops you had hidden there But no one told me one day…

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Topics: poetry
Author: Sheldon Scher

I can choose— To be relaxed, dormant in thought and deed; To accept only that which is laid on me: Like a stone that receives no input, transmits no output And makes no choice as to the moss on its surface, I can choose to be oblivious to my environment. I can choose— To accept…

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The Chain of Dances
Topics: poetry

The chain is not torn, The chain still continues, From the fathers to the sons, From generations to generations, the chain still continues… The chain is not torn, The chain still continues, From nights of joy of the Torah, Unto nights of the joy of Masada, The chain still continues… This was how our fathers…

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I Remember
Author: Susan Perlman

Birth I remember sitting on daddy’s lap my pretty one” he used to say “give daddy a nice big kiss” I’d smile, put my chubby arms around his neck real tight then plant a big messy kiss on his rough cheek I remember the first day of school, boy was I scared we lined up…

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What’s It To Me?
Topics: poetry

So enough already, I don’t want to hear. They say you’ve got answers, well, I just don’t care. You talk about love, forgiveness and faith but what have you done to stop all the hate? What of the sorrow, the pain all around? What have you done to make laughter sound? What about fighting and…

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Where was God When the Six Million Died?

God was mourning over the dead, the persecuted, those whose minds were scrambled with the lust for power. God was suffering along with every humiliation and each act of violence. God was weeping over the lost souls who were hurled namelessly into eternity. WHY DID GOD JUST SIT BACK AND LET IT HAPPEN? WHY DIDN’T…

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