peace on earth

How can Jesus be the Messiah when he didn’t bring peace?
June 30, 2011

Articles Is There Hope for Peace? by Susan Perlman Marching for Peace by Melissa Moskowitz Piecing it Together: A New York Jew Finds Peace by Melissa Moskowitz A Study on Biblical Concepts of Peace in the Old and New Testaments by Efraim Goldstein The Sulha: Reconciliation in the Middle East by Ilan Zamir When Messiah…

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Spielberg’s Munich, and the Prospects for Peace
January 3, 2006

Movie Title: Munich Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: Tony Kushner (screenplay), Eric Roth (screenplay), George Jonas (book) Primary Actors (stars): Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Marie-Josée Croze Date released: January 6, 2006 Genre: Crime, Drama, History, Thriller MPAA rating: R Duration: 2h 44min Reviewer: Jews for Jesus By now many of us have seen Steven Spielberg’s recently…

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What Is Peace?
October 1, 2004
Author: Susan Perlman

Everyone is for peace. No one is against it. Yet, how do we assess whether or not peace is possible in our day? Perhaps we can begin by asking ourselves, What is that very elusive quality we call peace?” To terrorists or tyrants, getting peace means eliminating those who stand in their way—but what they…

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Forbidden Peace: the Story Behind the Headlines

Movie Title: Forbidden Peace: the Story Behind the Headlines Director: Beth Freeman Kenison Writers: Beth Freeman Kenison Date released: January 2, 2004 Genre: Documentary, History, War Duration: 47 min Reviewer: Jews for Jesus What would make a Palestinian man, who hated Jews with a passion, embrace a former Israeli soldier as his brother? Why would…

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A Forbidden Peace

How certain Jews and Arabs have learned to love each other.

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Is There Hope for Peace?
May 1, 1997
Author: Susan Perlman

A biblical view of peace and how to attain it.

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Thoughts on Peace from Numbers Rabbah

Great is peace, for the prophets have taught all people to care for nothing so much as peace…. Great is peace, for it was given to the meek; as it says: But the lowly shall inherit the land, and delight themselves in abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11). Great is peace, for it outweighs everything. We…

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Additional Thoughts on Peace
September 1, 1982

The most characteristic Jewish greetings are, Shalom—Peace and Lechayim—-Life. These two essential requirements are basic for all human needs—life and peace. -The Vocabulary of Jewish Life, by Abraham Mayer Heller A Chinese sage was asked by a farmer when the world would truly know peace. The sage replied, Follow me.” He then brought him to…

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Marching for Peace
November 1, 1981

We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome someday…Oh, Lord, deep in my soul, I know that I do believe…We shall overcome someday.” The 50’s were a time of social activism, and my father, a college professor, was right in the center of it. I remember one cold, wintry morning when my three sisters…

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