peace of mind

What Is Peace?
Author: Susan Perlman

Everyone is for peace. No one is against it. Yet, how do we assess whether or not peace is possible in our day? Perhaps we can begin by asking ourselves, What is that very elusive quality we call peace?” To terrorists or tyrants, getting peace means eliminating those who stand in their way—but what they…

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Thoughts on Peace from Numbers Rabbah

Great is peace, for the prophets have taught all people to care for nothing so much as peace…. Great is peace, for it was given to the meek; as it says: But the lowly shall inherit the land, and delight themselves in abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11). Great is peace, for it outweighs everything. We…

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Piecing it Together: A New York Jew Finds Peace

When you break a tooth, you go to a dentist. When your shoes need heels, you go to a shoemaker. When your hair is too long, you go to a barber. Such small problems are conveniently remedied, easily fixed. But what do you do when it is your heart that needs repair? Where do you…

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My Story: A Jew from Iran Finds Shalom

In the quiet of the night, with no one but my Creator to hear, I said, God, if, this is not the truth about you, don’t be angry with me. Change my heart and show me if I am wrong; be my protector.” It was a cold, cold night yet I felt a tremendous warmth,…

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Additional Thoughts on Peace

The most characteristic Jewish greetings are, Shalom—Peace and Lechayim—-Life. These two essential requirements are basic for all human needs—life and peace. -The Vocabulary of Jewish Life, by Abraham Mayer Heller A Chinese sage was asked by a farmer when the world would truly know peace. The sage replied, Follow me.” He then brought him to…

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