Megillas Lester
March 10, 2014

If you celebrate Purim, the next major Jewish holiday, you might like Megillas Lester, a new, animated feature from Kolrom studios. As might be inferred, the movie is a departure from the book of Esther from which Purim is based. In fact, Queen Esther never materializes throughout the course of the film. Instead, the narrative […]

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Wonder What You Can Do with the Wonderbook?
July 1, 2011

Scores of books on evangelism are available, but little has been written that presents the gospel to Jewish children. There are not many materials on the market for Jewish children that are biblical, user-friendly, imaginative and affordable. It is almost as if the evangelical pen has run dry when it comes to creatively and sensitively […]

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Living on the Edge
June 1, 2004

There are so many adjectives one could use to describe living in a place that changes daily, if not hour-by-hour. At the risk of beginning on a negative note, let’s just say that great” or “awesome” are not always at the top of the list. When our family moved to Israel in 1994, I was […]

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Between Two Fathers
July 1, 2003

Between Two Fathers by Charles Barg, M.D. (Purple Pomegranate Productions, 2002) 180 pages, A father is always doing one or the other — giving life to his son or removing it — there are no in-betweens.” Dr. Charles Barg, Between Two Fathers Everyone in town looked up to Louis Barg. He presided over the boards […]

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Yeshua Loves the Little Children
June 1, 1994
Author: Rob Wertheim

Jews for Jesus does not minister to anyone under the age of eighteen without parental consent because we must respect parental rights. However, we do have various programs for children. One is in conjunction with our Ingatherings. Every year we conduct a number of these large regional retreats throughout the United States where we minister […]

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Don’t Worry, I’ll Sit in the Dark: A Bright Look at Guilt
March 1, 1992

It could be a scene from a Neil Simon play or a Woody Allen movie. As the curtain opens we see our character, a young mother of two. She has just finished cooking a large pot of chicken soup, filling her Minneapolis house with the fragrance of well-being. The phone rings. It is Mother—her sick […]

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From Generation to Generation
March 1, 1990

The dining room table was laden with platters of roast chicken, green beans and potatoes. Our guests, a young Jewish couple, were not believers in Yeshua. There was a lull in the conversation, an almost awkward pause at the point where my family is accustomed to praying. I tried to think how I could lead […]

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Raising the Children of Jewish Believers with a Jewish Identity
February 1, 1989
Author: Mitch Glaser

We attend a great church; our pastor cares about Jewish people and genuinely appreciates our desire to live as Jews. My two children are involved in the church’s youth ministry and both have accepted the Lord. The problem is, there aren’t many Jewish believers in our community and I am really worried that the children […]

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What Happens to the Children of Jews for Jesus?
May 1, 1982
Author: Martha Jacobs

I have heard a number of rabbis try to answer this question, each according to his own theory, but I have never heard anyone ask this question of one who can answer from experience. I am one of those children born to Jewish parents who believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and here is my […]

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