opposition to the gospel

Mark Greene: a copywriter’s series of extraordinary events
Author: Matt Sieger

The concept of Jews believing in Jesus has penetrated the culture in part because Jews for Jesus and other Messianic Jewish groups have made some very public pronouncements of their belief. Jews for Jesus launched its work in the United Kingdom with a full-page ad in The Times (London) in December 1991, which proclaimed, “You…

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Unless the Lord Had Been Our Help…

It’s June of ’92, and our Jews for Jesus team of 20 board the British Airways plane from London to Israel. Our faces show a mixture of excitement and apprehension. We are about to spend two months on a moshav (a farm/hotel) outside of Jerusalem. From this base we will do evangelism and take courses…

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Good Things Are Happening! A Messianic Praise and Progress Report

God is doing great things in our midst! It is good to bear one another’s burdens, but we also need to lift one another’s spirits with good news. So rejoice with us! We have a saying in Jews for Jesus: Every knock is a boost.” That certainly proved to be the case for our Odessa…

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When Opposition Knocks
Author: Rich Robinson

We need to think about opposition to the gospel. Though there is diversity within the messianic movement, we are united and can express our unity. We need to do things together. Facing our opposition can be a very positive thing if we are willing to look, learn and be led together by our Messiah. Efforts…

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Silence Is Golden
Author: Mitch Glaser

We piled out of our cars then prayed in the parking lot that God would bless our efforts. We walked around the comer to where we could see hundreds of people pouring from the movie theaters while hundreds more lined up for blocks waiting to pour in. The aroma of pizza and pastry was everywhere…

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Letter to the Editor of ISSUES, and The Editor’s Response
Author: Susan Perlman

Good morning: I am amused by your blatant attempt to make it appear that Jews believe in Jesus Christ. If you and your members were not seeking an authoritarian source upon whom you can depend emotionally–the childish attempt to return to your mother’s womb where you don’t have to think for yourselves–realize that the reason…

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Anti-Missionary Mischief
Author: Mitch Glaser

Received any harassing letters lately telling why you should reject faith in Jesus? The Jews for Jesus staff have been receiving unwanted and unwelcome mail. Some letters and literature are to annoy us, other communications are designed to dissuade us from our faith. Perhaps you won’t be bothered with such mail, but it’s good to…

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