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The Cost of Reconciliation
June 1, 2016

Do you know that even today, some scorn Christianity because we are required to forgive our enemies? They just don’t realize that apart from Jesus, we are all enemies of God!

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Bits from the Branches

The Weight of the Mission
February 1, 2013

I will never forget the first time I handed out gospel tracts on the streets of Tel Aviv some 28 years ago. I was more than a little nervous but gratified that most people were taking the tracts. Suddenly a religious man in typical Hassidic garb stopped, read the first few lines of the tract […]

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A Purim Lesson: Taking Risks
March 6, 2011
Author: Susan Perlman

Purim is all about survival—the survival of the Jewish people. It is as relevant today as is was in the sixth century b.c. when the story of Purim (recorded in the book of Esther) first unfolded. It remains relevant because, as a people, we’ve faced continual threats to our survival.  In ancient Egypt it was […]

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Outside the Camp by David Brickner, Executive Director
October 1, 2010

A pastor once told me that he appreciated the ministry of Jews for Jesus but could not invite us to speak in his pulpit. He had what he felt was a good relationship with the rabbi across the street, with an annual pulpit exchange. I have an opportunity to be a witness through this pulpit […]

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