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Our Tel Aviv branch hosted more than 600 Israelis
March 9, 2017

“Doing things Jesus’ way” includes being part of our local communities. In Tel Aviv, our Moishe Rosen Center gives us many opportunities to share what we have with our neighbors, and in so doing, to honor our Messiah.

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the gospel is not for sale

The gospel is not for sale!
February 9, 2017

People tell us they collect our gospel tracts, but to sell on eBay? And just look what it was marked down from!

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Holy Hipsters!
October 14, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

How we’re bringing the gospel to Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park

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College Search
January 26, 2016

Campus outreach is part of our ministry’s DNA. Here’s why we’re doing the same thing differently

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The Multitudes
May 21, 2015

David Brickner explores ways to join Jesus in caring for the multitudes.

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“Jesus Jews” of a Different Kind
June 8, 2012

The Politico headline read “Jews for Jesus pays Rick Santorum $6000 to speak.” This was news to me! We quickly assured people that Jews for Jesus has not featured any politicians at our gatherings, nor would we be backing any particular candidate for president.

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Jews and Others for Jesus
March 2, 2012

Did you know that Jews for Jesus has led five to ten times as many non-Jews to faith in Christ as Jews?  It may be one of our best-kept secrets (more like a little-known fact since we really aren’t trying to keep it a secret.)  During a recent Jews for Jesus street witnessing campaign in […]

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Creativity: One of our Core Values
August 5, 2011
Author: Ruth Rosen

It’s mid-morning on Thursday as seven people pile into Susan Perlman’s office at our San Francisco headquarters. Many of us bring our cups of coffee. The last two people have to roll their own chairs into the room; it’s not really fitted out for team meetings of this size. Our group consists of Susan Perlman, […]

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Ruth’s Ramblings
July 1, 2011
Author: Ruth Rosen

My father once said something to the effect of, “If we are doing all the same things to proclaim the gospel ten years from now, we will be obsolete.” Maybe that’s why I’ve been an unabashed fan and supporter of our Massah program since the beginning. While the gospel message never changes, opportunities to communicate […]

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A Holiday Reflection: New Beginnings, by David Brickner, Executive Director
September 1, 2010

Why celebrate new beginnings? They create a sense of wonder and anticipation of what might be. New beginnings are promising; they give us something to look forward to. Yet they also help us reflect on the past, to thank God for the goodness we have experienced by His hand and to turn from past attitudes […]

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