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Hello, Israel
December 18, 2013
Author: Ruth Rosen

The first United Nations event ever to be held in Israel was in November 2006. Israel hosted a four-day conference on a topic that focused on agriculture and particularly innovative practices to restore productivity to land that has been rendered unproductive and uninhabitable. Israel has continued to reach out to various societies, particularly Africa, to…

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Hello Israel
November 8, 2013

Hey pet lovers! How do you say "Pets in Israel" in Hebrew? ha-yot mah-mad be-yis-ra-el According to one website,  42% of the adult population of Israel have the following pets: dogs (20%), cats (10%), fish (8%) and birds (4%). Apparently, the most popular breeds of dog in Israel are Labradors, German shepherds and golden retrievers,…

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Hello, Israel
October 4, 2013

Hello Israel Did you know that Israelis invented many high-tech procedures that have improved the accuracy and effectiveness of modern medicine? For example, SpineAssist was the first robotic system to be used in delicate spinal surgeries. The system involves a disposable robotic implant called Emerald (after one of the jewels on the breastplate worn by…

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Hello, Israel
September 4, 2013

Did you know that October was a month for historic happenings in the establishment of the state of Israel? October 22, 1945: Senators Robert Wagner of New York and Robert Taft of Ohio introduced a resolution expressing support for a Jewish state in (what was then called) Palestine. October 4, 1946: On the eve of…

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Postcards from Israel
September 1, 2006

Collective National Depression Israel has just come through a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and no one there seems to think it went well. There is no confidence that any lasting peace will result from this war. Israelis prefer peace, but most felt that this fight was a necessary defence against terrorist attack. When the…

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Omission: The Sin Against Israel
May 1, 2006

Good deeds sometimes do more harm than good. That’s right. If we busy ourselves with doing good while omitting what is best, then what is good eventually shrivels into a sorry substitute for what is best.

Author Robert Stearns has written a compelling cover story for this month’s edition of Charisma Magazine, titled “Why Israel Matters.” He urges Christians to support the nation of Israel, using both a theological and political perspective. But he leaves out the most important truth for Christians to understand about Israel

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Haman, Hitler, Hussein
March 1, 2006

Evil Has a Name and It Begins with H” Many people don’t want to acknowledge that evil exists; they believe that people do bad things because circumstances or environment or conditioning leaves them no choice. Others know that evil exists but see it as a vague, unnamed malevolent force that somehow preys on innocent people….

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