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True Love
January 19, 2017

Some declarations of love are not exactly honest and may actually be harmful—even if that’s not what would-be lovers intend.

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Holy Hipsters!
October 14, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

How we’re bringing the gospel to Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park

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A story for someone you love
August 24, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

We’ve made hundreds of friends by offering this beautiful story free to those who didn’t know us, but then we thought… hey, we need to make the same offer to those who are already our friends!

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Moishe’s Musings on Christlikeness
December 1, 2009
Author: Moishe Rosen

Did you ever think you knew something … but when you thought about it more, you had to wonder? What about being Christlike? I’ve prayed that the Lord would help me to be Christlike. I’ve admonished people to be Christlike. Yet, I never asked myself, What does that word Christlike really mean?  How would I […]

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August 1, 2006

The special appreciation and respect that some feel for Jewish people is sometimes called philo-Semitism,” philo being derived from the Greek word phileo, to love. Philo-Semites have a great interest in Jewish history as well as admiration for Jewish culture. And while some people’s idea of respect and admiration of the Jewish people misinforms them […]

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