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Mother’s Day, Jews, and Jews for Jesus
May 2, 2008
Topics: mothers day
Author: Rich Robinson

The most obvious connection between Jews and Mother’s Day would seem to lie in perennial jokes about Jewish mothers (think of the scene in Woody Allen’s film where his mother appears to him in the sky).  Or maybe in riffing Saddam Hussein’s “the mother of all ….” (fill in the blank; think of Gary Larson’s…

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On Courage
April 1, 2007
Topics: mothers day

I wonder why courage is so often stereotyped as a male trait. For many, the word conjures an image of the lone man, defying odds, standing tall, leading the charge. John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer prize-winning book, “Profiles in Courage” profiles only men. Yet the most courageous people I have met were women. For men, courage…

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Beautiful Feet of Clay
May 1, 2006
Topics: mothers day

Pardon me while I climb down from my pedestal. Why have I found myself so precariously placed? I will take some of the blame. You see, I want you to think well of me. I want you to be confident in Jews for Jesus. I want you to be proud of our achievements. So I…

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