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Why Do Most Jews Not Believe in Jesus?
April 20, 2017
Author: Stan Meyer
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Multitudes: The Gospel of Matthew
August 8, 2016
Author: Matt Sieger

Jewish artist Steffi Geiser Rubin’s twenty paintings, commissioned especially for this project, dramatically portray the Jewish world of Jesus.

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Top 40 Most Helpful Messianic Prophecies
January 15, 2015

Jews for Jesus has curated approximately 40 of the most helpful messianic prophecies along with their New Testament fulfillments.

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To whom does the Prophet Refer?
April 22, 2014
Author: Rich Robinson

Aaron Trank’s conclusions may surprise some. But what does the text itself say? There are in fact valid reasons to see applications of Isaiah 53 to Israel as well as to the Messiah. First, Isaiah often identifies the servant as Israel, yet in some way as apart from Israel. In Isaiah 41:8, 44:1, 44:21, 45:4 […]

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Rabbis, Skeptics and the Suffering Messiah
August 6, 2013
Author: Daniel Mann

If anyone was a skeptic about Jews believing in Jesus, I was. Born to second-generation Jewish American parents in Brooklyn, I experienced much anti-Semitism growing up in the 1950s and ’60s. Since my persecutors weren’t Jewish, I assumed they were Christian. When I was fourteen, there was talk that a certain Jewish family in my neighborhood had converted to Christianity. I was filled with disgust. How could Jews do such a thing?

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Same Love for Jewish Christians as for Gay Jews?
June 26, 2013

Cousin Gay is out of the closet. Cousin Messianic, still there. I often light-heartedly compare having a Messianic Jewish relative to “having that gay cousin.” Either might live an alternative lifestyle far from the family’s epicenter, and therefore far from judgment. My extended Jewish family claims both. Many extended Jewish families can. However, contemporary Jewish […]

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The Son of God
May 28, 2013

Looking at several scriptures in the pentateuch, prophets, and writings, we see a specific motif, “son of God.” Upon closer inspection, the glory and divinity of this figure, based on the text, points to a somewhat startling conclusion. Read more here!

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What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?
June 30, 2011
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My Spiritual Journey
December 6, 2005

Until three years ago, I had never in my life been on national television. Nor had I been on radio but for a few small shows. But when my first political thriller, The Last Jihad, was published in November of 2002, suddenly I found myself interviewed on more than 160 radio and TV programs. Sean […]

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Tough Jews: Hanukkah, Heroism and the Identity of the Messiah
December 10, 2004
Author: Rich Robinson

There is more than one way to view strength when it comes to the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah.

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The Returning King: The Two Messiahs” in Zechariah”
May 1, 2004
Author: Garrett Smith

How can we reconcile the two very ways in which the Jewish scriptures portray the messiah?

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A Further Question

Modern Judaism eschews the idea that a man can be God, and this is often cited as an objection to the messiahship of Jesus. But Zechariah forces us to consider the validity of this objection, as the prophet repeatedly refers to the Messiah-king figure as Lord.” Zechariah 14:9: “The Lord will be king over the […]

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Why Do the Nations Rage? Does the Bible Say Anything About the Middle East Conflict?
January 1, 2003
Author: Darrell Bock

Can the God of Israel be left out of our hope for peace?

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A Minyan of Messianic Prophecies
July 1, 2002

In his article, Bruce Nahin mentions that it wasn’t one specific argument or prophecy that convinced him that Jesus is the Messiah. But when all of the evidence is considered, it is hard to dismiss. Following are some of the prophecies that have persuaded Bruce Nahin and thousands of others that Jesus is who he […]

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Who’s the Subject of Isaiah 53? You Decide!
March 1, 2001

Explores the passage of Jewish Scripture the rabbis deemed too dangerous to keep in the regular synagogue calendar readings.

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Four Startling Facts About the Identity of the Messiah
July 1, 2000
Author: Susan Perlman

The Jewish prophets gave some very specific information about the Messiah not often discussed in synagogue.

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Messiah Revealed
July 1, 1998
Author: Jon Isaac

their faces I formed so that mine they would seek ears to listen for the Word I would speak eyes to see, minds to understand all they required I made with my Hand the Law and the Prophets for centuries foretold the birth of a baby begotten of old in words unencoded, with language so […]

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A Prophet Like Unto Moses
July 1, 1997
Author: Moishe Rosen

When we see Yeshua in heaven, certainly Moshe Rabeynu will be there too, because he was the one who knew and foretold his coming and trusted in him.

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The Promised Child
September 1, 1993

A look at Isaiah’s prophecy regarding God himself dwelling among people.

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Almah: Virgin or Young Maiden?
Author: Zhava Glaser

The identity of the mother of Immanuel in Isaiah 7:14 has been a subject of debate over the centuries: Was the prophet Isaiah speaking of a virgin or not?

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Yeshua and Israel
March 1, 1990

The Jewish religion is not static, fixed in ancient times. New rulings of rabbinical interpretation of the law meet the modern milieu and even a new Jewish holiday can find its way onto the calendar. The fifth day of the month of Iyyar marks the anniversary of the day in 5708 when the modern state […]

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The Jewishness of the New Testament
January 1, 1987
Author: Avi Brickner

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein was curious when he saw one of the teachers in his school reading a small book printed in German. When he asked about it the teacher handed it to him. Casually Rabbi Lichtenstein leafed through the pages until his gaze fell upon the name Jesus Christ. Realizing that the book was a […]

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The Messianic Time Table According to Daniel the Prophet

More than any other book of the Hebrew Scriptures, the writings of the prophet Daniel confront us with evidence of the time of Messiah’s coming.

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Yeshua: the Jewish Way to Say Jesus
March 1, 1985

Rosen, Moishe: Yeshua—the Jewish Way to Say Jesus. Chicago, Moody Press. 1982; 160 pp. paperback. “Long ago, the Jewish Scriptures predicted the coming of One who would redeem the world from evil and usher in a new order of living. This book examines those prophecies to see whether Jesus fulfilled them. If He did not, […]

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Issues and Answers
January 1, 1983

An Open Letter to the Issues Readership Dear Reader: This may be the first edition of Issues you’ve ever received, or you may be a long-time reader of this publication. To date, Issues has printed a number of articles representing Jewish Christian viewpoints on topics relevant to Jewish people. Perhaps you share our beliefs, or […]

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The Rabbis’ Dilemma: A Look at Isaiah 53
September 1, 1982

We have a glorious future and an abundant present if we appropriate the salvation made possible by the One who “was wounded through our transgressions and bruised through our iniquities.”

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