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Jews in the Grass

Grassroots 2013 was an event that almost was not. A self-proclaimed “nonference” (“it’s not a conference”), Grassroots curates interaction between 80–100 young Jewish believers, with an emphasis on Messianic leadership. I attended my first nonference in August 2012 after the Asheville Music Festival, Grassroots’ auditory offspring. Grassroots was to conclude at that concert, yet it […]

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Jews for Jesus Messianic Statement

Jews for Jesus Affirms the Messianic Jewish Movement and the Messianic Congregational Movement   (July 31, 2012)  In a statement released today, the Jews for Jesus Council (its global leadership body) issued the following statement of clarification on its position on the Messianic Jewish Movement. Moved by a desire for unity, and in the interest of […]

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To the Jew First and Also to the Gentile

We spoke to several pastors who are Jewish and who also lead evangelical churches. Their stories are testimonies of God’s faithful leading to bring three men to Himself from their Jewish backgrounds, as well as leading them into ministry in the church. They feel the liberty of the Spirit to minister to the general population […]

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Facts & Myths: About the Messianic Congregations in Israel

Survey conducted by Kai Kjær-Hansen and Bodil F. Skjøtt. Jerusalem: United Christian Council in Israel in cooperation with the Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies, 1999. 319 pages. Bodil F. Skjøtt and Kai Kjær-Hansen, authors of Myths & Facts: About the Messianic Congregations in Israel, respond to

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Good Things Are Happening! A Messianic Praise and Progress Report

God is doing great things in our midst! It is good to bear one another’s burdens, but we also need to lift one another’s spirits with good news. So rejoice with us! We have a saying in Jews for Jesus: Every knock is a boost.” That certainly proved to be the case for our Odessa […]

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Don’t Give Up on Your Local Church!

I’ve been asking some of you what issues you want addressed in the Mishpochah Message. One Jewish believer answered, I need some encouragement out here in the trenches. I go to a church, not a messianic synagogue. I enjoy the fellowship, but sometimes I feel out of place and even a little guilty about being […]

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The Egg and Miriam or: A Post-Easter Assessment
Author: Mitch Glaser

So I’ve mentioned my children in past Mishpochah Messages; please, bear with this Jewish father. I couldn’t expect you to recognize the fact that our two are the brightest, most intelligent children in the world, but the doctor’s name is Miriam and the lawyer is Jenni. They are wonderful kids who do not make it […]

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A Congregation Grows in Johannesburg
Author: Eliyah Gould

The Friday after Jews for Jesus missionaries, Laura and Andrew Barron, stepped off the plane onto South African soil in November 1989, they immediately initiated a weekly fellowship meeting. To their delight, it was quickly attended by 30 people and the numbers grew each week as more people came to faith. Jews for Jesus was […]

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