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“Kosher Jesus” – #7 The Gospel According to Shmuley
July 20, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

The Rest of Kosher Jesus in One Easy Blog The Gospel According to Shmuley Having read the rest of Kosher Jesus in a sitting or two, I want to say a few things (see previous blogs on the right). How to sum up Kosher Jesus? Well, the acknowledgements at the end are funny (yet also […]

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“Kosher Jesus” – #6 Jewish Law
May 24, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

I’ll keep this one short: “Huh?” According to Boteach, the New Testament tries to paint Jesus as a rebel against Torah and Judaism. This was supposedly done “to make Jesus’ teachings more palatable to gentiles.” His evidence, such as it is, comes from Mark’s Gospel and the story of Jesus and his disciples picking heads […]

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Book Review: The Real Kosher Jesus
May 2, 2012
Author: Matt Sieger

The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing the Mysteries of the Hidden Messiah by Michael L. Brown Lake Mary, FL: FrontLine, 2012, 249 pages reviewed by Matt Sieger Available for purchase at the Jews for Jesus Store. Kosher Jesus, Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s latest book, has caused an uproar in the Jewish community. Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf of […]

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“Kosher Jesus” – #5 Jesus the Rabbi
May 1, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

Chapter 4 – Jesus the Rabbi Rabbi Boteach’s takeaway in this chapter is simple: to show that “Jesus and the rabbis shared both purpose and vision.” Jesus’ ethics are found in other Jewish writings, says Boteach, and his teaching included methods found in rabbinic literature. And he lived like rabbis of his time as well, […]

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“Kosher Jesus” – #4 Pharisees, Sadducees & Zealots
April 14, 2012

Chapter 3 – The Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Zealots Now as I’m back from yet another hiatus, this time one of three weeks of bringing Passover seders to churches throughout Oregon, we’re ready to plunge back into Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s new and controversial volume, Kosher Jesus. Last time I offered some brief comments on […]

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Chapter 3,

“Kosher Jesus” – #3 Romans and Jews
March 5, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

Chapter 2, “Romans and Jews” I’m back from my vacation hiatus in Las Vegas, where I took in love-him-or-hate-him architect Frank Gehry’s new Ruvo Center for studying Alzheimer’s and related illnesses. If you’re an architecture buff, you’ll find plenty of images on Google to love or to hate at your leisure. Now back home, it’s […]

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Chapter 1,

“Kosher Jesus” – #2 The Rabbi and the Stranger
February 6, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

Chapter 1, “The Rabbi and the Stranger” Boteach relies foundationally, as we saw last time, on scholar Hyam Maccoby’s reconstruction of history as seen in such books as The Mythmaker, a reference to the Apostle Paul. After reading his first chapter, I’m inclined to think that Boteach is the real mythmaker. Hopefully the rest of […]

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“Kosher Jesus” – #1 Jesus Maccabee?
February 3, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

#1 Jesus Maccabee? I’ve begun reading Shmuley Boteach’s Kosher Jesus, having received my review copy a few days ago. In this series of posts, I’ll interact with the book chapter by chapter as I make my way through it. Boteach’s idea that Jews should reclaim Jesus—that the Jewish Jesus is indeed kosher for Jews—has already […]

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The Sound and the Fury: Kosher Jesus
January 18, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

It’s not officially out just yet (that should come about February 1st), but Shmuley Boteach’s latest book Kosher Jesus is already, in a very public way, running the gamut of Jewish responses. Just google “Kosher Jesus” and you’ll have enough reading material for an entire airplane ride.

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