Spiritual Journey Home

Book Review: Spiritual Journey Home: Eastern Mysticism to the Western Wall Nathan Katz (Jersey City, NJ: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 2009), 192 pages While the mere mention of a Jew believing in Jesus still raises eyebrows in the Jewish community, here a Jewish Buddhist (JUBU) gets a respectful hearing, as evidenced by the mostly positive […]

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Yoga Studio

Yoga: A Union with God. But Which God?

Yoga has steadily gained cachet in the West over the last fifty years. It is found in high school gym class. It was part of a family-geared Easter Sunday event on the White House front lawn in 2010, not to mention health clubs in some of our Jewish community centers. Yes, yogis are everywhere, including […]

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That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist: On Being a Faithful Jew and a Passionate Buddhist
Author: Garrett Smith

Sylvia Boorstein. San Francisco: Harper, 1997. 170 pages. $20.00, cloth. Reviewed by Garrett Smith and Matthew Friedland. That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist sounds like it might be a comment made by a Jewish comic from the Catskills. However, the essentially serious message of this latest book by Sylvia Boorstein is summarized by the subtitle, […]

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Jewish Buddhists: A Meld of Mezuzahs and Mantra?
Author: Rich Robinson

A challenge to Rodger Kamenetz’s idea of the “JUBU,” Jewish Buddhists.

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The Jew in the Lotus: A Poet’s Rediscovery of Jewish Identity in Buddhist India

Rodger Kamenetz. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, 1994. x, 304 pages. $20.00, cloth. In 1990, the Jewish poet Rodger Kamenetz traveled with a group of Jewish delegates to Dharamsala, a remote hill town in northern India, in order to dialogue with the Dalai Lama. The Jew in the Lotus describes his experiences on this journey. […]

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