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Rick Warren, Matthew Warren

Mortality and Matthew Warren
April 10, 2013

In light of recent events—the passing of Rick Warren’s son—we would like to highlight the thoughts of Sean Trank, the head of our media department, as he reflects on loss and how we can trust God to redeem our pain. Read his blog here.

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In Loving Memory of Jhan Moskowitz 1948-2012

A Note From David: A tribute to Jhan Moskowitz, one of the original Jews for Jesus
September 15, 2012

A week ago Wednesday I found myself sitting on a red eye flight to New York filled with shock and grief. As many of you know, Jhan Moskowitz—one of the founders of Jews for Jesus, and our North America Director—fell in the subway on Tuesday, September 4, receiving what turned out to be a fatal […]

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