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Cynthia is in heaven
May 3, 2018

For us, the story of the 101-year-old Jewish woman who received Jesus in March has come to an end. For her, the best part has only just begun!

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101-year-old begins new life in Jesus!
March 1, 2018

We love telling you how God answered your prayers, especially when it’s a salvation story like this one!

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This new Jewish believer in Jesus needs your prayers!
February 1, 2018

Find out why a Jewish man put his faith in Yeshua (Jesus), despite his concern that his Orthodox friends and family might shun him. May God give us all the grace to be so courageous!

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Miles apart yet face to face: an Orthodox Jewish journey to Jesus
January 25, 2018

Technology can be a pain, but wow! It can also open doors, and even help people connect with God!

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Spiritually linked in
September 7, 2017

God has a way of connecting our stories like links in a beautiful chain. Thanks for helping us be part of these two intersecting stories…

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A cup of cold water
August 19, 2014

How do we proclaim the gospel in word and deed and what does it really mean to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name?

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