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Cynthia is in heaven
May 3, 2018

For us, the story of the 101-year-old Jewish woman who received Jesus in March has come to an end. For her, the best part has only just begun!

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101-year-old begins new life in Jesus!
March 1, 2018

We love telling you how God answered your prayers, especially when it’s a salvation story like this one!

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This new Jewish believer in Jesus needs your prayers!
February 1, 2018

Find out why a Jewish man put his faith in Yeshua (Jesus), despite his concern that his Orthodox friends and family might shun him. May God give us all the grace to be so courageous!

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Miles apart yet face to face: an Orthodox Jewish journey to Jesus
January 25, 2018

Technology can be a pain, but wow! It can also open doors, and even help people connect with God!

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Spiritually linked in
September 7, 2017

God has a way of connecting our stories like links in a beautiful chain. Thanks for helping us be part of these two intersecting stories…

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Reaching Millennial Jews in NYC
October 7, 2016

During the New York Fall Outreach 60% of Jewish seekers who interacted with us were Millennials.

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A Day in the Life of the New York Outreach
September 20, 2016

Have you ever wondered what our missionaries in NYC do on a typical day of our fall outreach?

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Holiday Outreach!
February 23, 2016

Here are some fun photos to inspire you to pray for our Purim outreaches this month

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More artful outreach… NYC!
May 22, 2015

People, Art, Heart: a report on artful outreach in New York City.

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A cup of cold water
August 19, 2014

How do we proclaim the gospel in word and deed and what does it really mean to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name?

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A Dream that Leads to Reality

A Dream That Leads to Reality
December 29, 2012

A soft-spoken woman named Josie called our office. Her tone, soft as it was, practically screamed ‘SINCERE AND OPEN.’ Josie told me what led her to look into Jesus. Her mother was Jewish and married a nominal Catholic. Josie was raised Jewish, but because of her parents’ marriage, she always had a sense of spiritual…

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Back to School
August 6, 2012

With September around the corner, Jews for Jesus is gearing up for another year of campus evangelism. To get you revved up to pray for our staff, volunteers and the college students they’ll be reaching, here are a couple of reports prior to this summer’s break. Tracy Rapp reports from Phoenix: “We ended the school…

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We Plan, God Laughs
March 20, 2012
Author: Karol Joseph

The old Yiddish adage, “We plan, God laughs” is a great reminder of His sovereignty. So much so that I have the saying posted on a refrigerator magnet in my kitchen. Many have commented on the truthfulness of that saying when they visit my home; often they themselves laugh when they read it, or at…

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Bits from the Trainees
January 1, 2010

Morgan reported, “It was our usual Monday night calling time, but this week’s list, unlike previous weeks, was Jewish people who don’t yet believe. We trainees were a little on edge since we were told about how people might respond. After many wrong numbers and voicemail messages, I finally reached a woman who was willing…

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A Branch Grows in Brooklyn
December 1, 2009

Maybe you’ve heard of the classic film A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” For Jews for Jesus, it’s a branch that’s growing in this bustling borough that is home to half a million Jewish people. Two years ago we reported that the branch was a year old and toddling.  Thanks to those of you who prayed…

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Reaching Israel from New York City
September 1, 2006
Author: Rachel Soren

Campaign leaders: Aaron Abramson and Daniel Goldstein For the first time in our history, an Israeli team of Jews for Jesus campaigned among the 200,000 Israelis in New York City. Clad in Hebrew Jews for Jesus T-shirts and carrying Hebrew broadsides and other gospel literature, they also placed gospel ads in local Hebrew newspapers, conducted…

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