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Montreal 2013 Campaign

Montreal 2013 Campaign
September 9, 2013

Our Montreal campaign began on September 1 and ended on Friday, September 13, just before sundown (the beginning of Yom Kippur). The team saw 40 people pray to receive Jesus as Messiah, including one Jewish person. They received contact information from 105 unbelievers who are willing to hear more about Jesus, including 46 Jewish people….

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From Objection to Openness
September 6, 2012
Author: Karl deSouza

Jewish people raise a variety of objections about belief in Jesus, ranging from personal to theological/religious and virtually everything in between! As a missionary and evangelist, my task involves discovering a person’s real objections and obstacles to the gospel.  Surprisingly, amidst the objection I sometimes also find good questions, and openness to the gospel. Recently,…

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Jews for Jesus in Montreal
December 1, 2005

In September of 2005, we asked you to pray for our Behold Your God Campaign in Montreal, and announced that we would be opening a branch. This has been a long-term dream of Jews for Jesus Canada. Jews for Jesus Canada began in the hearts of committed Canadian Christians who heard how God was using…

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Moments in Montreal
October 1, 2005

Jonathan Bernd, Oded Cohen and Richard Muller (all Jews for Jesus missionary staff) took two Hebrew banners into an ultra-Orthodox district of Montreal called Outremont (see pictures). The banners said in Hebrew, “Isaiah 53, so controversial you have to see for yourself!” and “Isaiah 53, the Talmud agrees…it does speak about a person.” They stood…

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