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Remembering Roger Horwood
August 22, 2017

What will people say about you when you are gone? Will they reflect that your life brought glory to God and great good to other people? That is certainly how we feel about this brother.

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Christmas Beach Reach in South Africa
December 20, 2016

Find out about Lifesavers in South Africa (and we don’t mean the hard candy)!

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Day of Atonement
October 28, 2016

Read how this Jewish woman in South Africa came to faith in Jesus on Yom Kippur

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A Congregation Grows in Johannesburg
September 1, 1980
Author: Eliyah Gould

The Friday after Jews for Jesus missionaries, Laura and Andrew Barron, stepped off the plane onto South African soil in November 1989, they immediately initiated a weekly fellowship meeting. To their delight, it was quickly attended by 30 people and the numbers grew each week as more people came to faith. Jews for Jesus was…

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