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The End is Only the Beginning

The End is Only the Beginning
December 31, 2012

As you read Victoria’s story below, I hope you are as struck with her second sentence as I was. Like most profound observations, it has been said before. But it seemed like a particularly appropriate statement since one year has just come to an end, and a new one is now unfolding. God never stops […]

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We Plan, God Laughs
March 20, 2012
Author: Karol Joseph

The old Yiddish adage, “We plan, God laughs” is a great reminder of His sovereignty. So much so that I have the saying posted on a refrigerator magnet in my kitchen. Many have commented on the truthfulness of that saying when they visit my home; often they themselves laugh when they read it, or at […]

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A Branch Grows in Brooklyn
December 1, 2009

Maybe you’ve heard of the classic film A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” For Jews for Jesus, it’s a branch that’s growing in this bustling borough that is home to half a million Jewish people. Two years ago we reported that the branch was a year old and toddling.  Thanks to those of you who prayed […]

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