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Jews and Others for Jesus
March 2, 2012

Did you know that Jews for Jesus has led five to ten times as many non-Jews to faith in Christ as Jews?  It may be one of our best-kept secrets (more like a little-known fact since we really aren’t trying to keep it a secret.)  During a recent Jews for Jesus street witnessing campaign in […]

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Softening the Ground in Bronx/Westchester
September 1, 2006
Author: Efram Fuchs

Campaign leaders Amer Olson and Jhan Moskowitz “We have a very strong, close Jewish community here,” a man informed campaign leader Amer Olsen over the phone. “We won’t stand for this.” “This” was the Jews for Jesus Bronx/ Westchester campaign, headquartered in White Plains, New York. People didn’t expect to see Jews for Jesus in […]

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Bits from the Branches
May 1, 2006

Sydney Mark Landrum reports, It was a missionary’s dream. An Israeli phoned our office wanting to meet up to talk about Yeshua. Peter had already been reading about Jewish people believing in Jesus. During his recent travels in New Zealand he had stayed with a few people from ‘HIT’ (Hosting Israeli Travelers) and had received […]

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Talking with Tass: A Palestinian who Loves the Jewish People
February 5, 2006

As we reflect on the issue of reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian believers, we thought you might appreciate reading a bit from Tass Abu Sadr, a Palestinian who was raised as a Muslim and has been a believer in Jesus since 1993. Tass spent many years as a Fatah fighter; his is a radical example […]

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Why I, a German, Love the Jewish People
May 1, 2001

Love often begins with a discovery. We discover someone to whom we feel deeply drawn and who then inspires our devotion. My love for my Jewish brothers and sisters started with a discovery. Discovery and an empty chair. I carefully balanced the tray of food in my hand, trying desperately to avoid spilling its contents […]

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Jews, Blacks & Jesus
September 1, 1998
Author: Brenda Ross

Reflections of an African American woman on the Jewish people and the messiah.

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Why I, a Gentile, Love the Jewish People
January 1, 1997

A kosher-hearted Christian shares her love for the Jews.

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Jews, Gentiles, and the Church: A New Perspective on History and Prophecy
March 1, 1996

David L. Larsen. Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House Publishers, 1995. 425 pages. $19.99, cloth. Reviewed by Leslie B. Flynn, Nanuet, NY. The three main words in the title immediately reminded me of a classic on Jewish history that has been in my library nearly thirty years: Max I. Dimont’s, Jews, God and History, written from […]

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Things We Couldn’t Say
July 1, 1995

Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman/James Schaap. W. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 390 pgs., hardcover. Not enough stories have been told. Not enough trees have been planted outside Yad Vashem. Not enough accounts have been written of the heroic deeds of those righteous Gentiles” who risked everything to save Jews during the second World […]

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When Jews Were Proselytizers
March 1, 1995
Author: Susan Perlman

Why most Jewish people no longer seek to convert non-Jews.

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Our Campaign 1990 Roster
September 1, 1990

Volunteers Cheryl Cohn—Campaigner Cheryl is a junior and English major at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has been a believer since January of 1988, and she sings with our Chicago music team. Dorothy Cook—Steward Dorothy is from Glen Burnie, Maryland. She is a Braille transcriber, a teacher of art and English, and very active […]

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