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My Jewish Nose
January 29, 2014
Author: Rachel Rothspan

In this country where everyone is an American first, I am different, because I am a descendant of Abraham

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Here Comes the New Wave
December 26, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

The Latest Generation of Jewish Scholars Gives Us Its Take on Jesus The past several years have seen a “new wave” of Jewish publications about Jesus and the New Testament. In 2011, The Jewish Annotated New Testament (JANT) was published, the first time the entire New Testament has been presented to Jews and Christians by […]

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Here Comes the New Wave
October 4, 2012

The Latest Generation of Jewish Scholars Give Us Their Take on Jesus and Jewishness If you could go back a few centuries to a shtetl in Eastern Europe—or even to the early 1900s in the Lower East Side of New York City—and ask, Who do you think Jesus is?, you might receive a response like […]

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“Jesus Jews” of a Different Kind
June 8, 2012

The Politico headline read “Jews for Jesus pays Rick Santorum $6000 to speak.” This was news to me! We quickly assured people that Jews for Jesus has not featured any politicians at our gatherings, nor would we be backing any particular candidate for president.

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Some Jewish Views of Jesus
June 30, 2011

I couldn’t help writing on Jesus. Since I first met him he has held my mind and heart. I grew up, you know, on the border of Poland and Russia, which was not exactly the finest place in the world for a Jew to sit down and write a life of Jesus Christ. Yet even […]

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The Misunderstood Jew
January 30, 2007
Author: Rich Robinson

Update: I’ve continuing reading through The Misunderstood Jew. Chapter Two is From Jewish Sect to Gentile Church” and is the least satisfactory of all the chapters. It pretty much rehashes older, non-conservative views of the history of the early church. The early Christians expected Jesus to return any day; when he didn’t, they reinterpreted their […]

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Marcia, Jesus was a Jew; he came for the Jewish people. He came for you.
June 12, 2006
Author: Allison S.

Those words were spoken to my mother by my friend’s mother when I was nine years old, and while they made a distinct impression on me, it wasn’t until sixteen years later that I considered them in a personal way. I grew up in an upper middle-class, Conservative Jewish home in the suburbs of Kansas. […]

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The Turning Point in World History

A brief commentary on Klinghoffer’s book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus.

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A Family Affair

The New Testament is fair in pointing out both Jewish rejection and acceptance of Jesus. Some, however, have chosen to emphasize Jesus’ times of tension and conflict with the Jewish community and have therefore concluded that Jesus’ relationship with the Jewish community was one of mutual animosity. But what is missed is that this was […]

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A Response to The Da Vinci Code Claims
July 1, 2004

Brown speaks through Mr. Teabing: The Bible did not arrive by fax from heaven.…The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man created it as a historical record of tumultuous times, and it has evolved through countless translations, additions and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the book.” (p. 231) Brown […]

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Did Jesus teach his disciples to hate their parents?
January 1, 2000
Author: Rich Robinson

Some claim that Jesus taught his followers to hate their mother and father. If true, that would obviously make Jesus an immoral and unethical teacher, since one of the Ten Commandments is to honor one’s parents. “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you,” the Torah says in Exodus 20:12.

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Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus
March 1, 1999

By Susannah Heschel. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998. xii, 317 pages. This book is the engaging story of a Jewish scholar who came to challenge the institutionalized anti-Judaism rampant in the German church establishment in the last half of the nineteenth century. Abraham Geiger was born in Germany in 1810. In addition to a […]

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A Rabbi Talks With Jesus: An Intermillennial, Interfaith Exchange
September 1, 1996
Author: Rich Robinson

Jacob Neusner. New York: Doubleday, 1993. 154 pages. $9.00, paper; $21.00, cloth. In this book, I explain in a very straightforward and unapologetic way why, if I had been in the Land of Israel in the first century, I would not have joined the circle of Jesus’ disciples.” So begins a significant book by prolific […]

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Yeshua–Let’s Clear Things Up
May 1, 1994
Author: Susan Perlman

A point by point look at Jesus’ claims, attitudes, actions and how he has affected the world.

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The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus
January 1, 1989

The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus Donald A. Hagner (Grand Rapids: Academie Books of Zondervan Publishing House 1984) 341 pp. Donald A. Hagner, Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, makes no bones about his “evangelical Christian” orientation. Neither does he claim to be any more objective than the Jewish writers he cites in […]

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Jesus the Pharisee book

Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus

Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus Harvey Falk (Mahwah: Paulist Press, 1985), 175 pp. Jesus the Pharisee by Harvey Falk sets a high water mark for ecumenism, having been written by an orthodox rabbi and published by a Catholic publishing house. The book is said to mark “the first attempt […]

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