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Why Do Most Jews Not Believe in Jesus?
April 20, 2017
Author: Stan Meyer
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Here Comes the New Wave
December 26, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

The Latest Generation of Jewish Scholars Gives Us Its Take on Jesus The past several years have seen a “new wave” of Jewish publications about Jesus and the New Testament. In 2011, The Jewish Annotated New Testament (JANT) was published, the first time the entire New Testament has been presented to Jews and Christians by […]

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Here Comes the New Wave
October 4, 2012

The Latest Generation of Jewish Scholars Give Us Their Take on Jesus and Jewishness If you could go back a few centuries to a shtetl in Eastern Europe—or even to the early 1900s in the Lower East Side of New York City—and ask, Who do you think Jesus is?, you might receive a response like […]

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Some Jewish Views of Jesus
June 30, 2011

I couldn’t help writing on Jesus. Since I first met him he has held my mind and heart. I grew up, you know, on the border of Poland and Russia, which was not exactly the finest place in the world for a Jew to sit down and write a life of Jesus Christ. Yet even […]

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The Turning Point in World History
October 1, 2005

A brief commentary on Klinghoffer’s book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus.

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A Family Affair

The New Testament is fair in pointing out both Jewish rejection and acceptance of Jesus. Some, however, have chosen to emphasize Jesus’ times of tension and conflict with the Jewish community and have therefore concluded that Jesus’ relationship with the Jewish community was one of mutual animosity. But what is missed is that this was […]

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Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History by David Klinghoffer
June 17, 2005
Author: Andrew Barron

Why The Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History, by David Klinghoffer, Doubleday, 2005. Several years ago I was talking to a Jewish man about Jesus’ claims to be Messiah of Israel. After awhile, this man said, Look, we Jews reject Jesus because we are Jews, and being Jewish means that we reject […]

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When Fiction is Stranger than Truth: a Closer Look at The Da Vinci Code
July 1, 2004

Does this popular American novel reveal religious truth to its readers?

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A Further Question
May 1, 2004

Modern Judaism eschews the idea that a man can be God, and this is often cited as an objection to the messiahship of Jesus. But Zechariah forces us to consider the validity of this objection, as the prophet repeatedly refers to the Messiah-king figure as Lord.” Zechariah 14:9: “The Lord will be king over the […]

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Question Authority
December 1, 2002
Author: Moishe Rosen

In the ’70s many of us were inspired, instructed and even informed by bumper stickers. Some people used their bumpers to speak out, others to talk back. One Christian group had a bumper sticker that proclaimed, We found it,” to which a group of Jewish people countered with their own bumper sticker declaring, “We never […]

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Was Yeshua a Good Man?
March 1, 2002

What did Y’shua actually claim to be?

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Rabbinic Perspectives on the New Testament (Studies in the Bible and Early Christianity, vol. 28)
September 1, 1994
Author: Rich Robinson

Dan Cohn-Sherbok. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1990. 126 pages. $49.95, cloth. Dan Cohn-Sherbok is lecturer in theology at the University of Kent in England. This book is a revision of previously published articles. The essays are readable and instructive. They also affirm the Jewishness of the New Testament (which cannot be said of […]

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The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus
January 1, 1989

The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus Donald A. Hagner (Grand Rapids: Academie Books of Zondervan Publishing House 1984) 341 pp. Donald A. Hagner, Associate Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary, makes no bones about his “evangelical Christian” orientation. Neither does he claim to be any more objective than the Jewish writers he cites in […]

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New Beginnings
January 1, 1988

A message given by Dr. Douglas Nelson during the High Holidays at the Reform Jewish Congregation, Temple Beth Shalom in San Juan, Puerto Rico on September 13, 1985. I was so very pleased to receive your cordial invitation to speak this evening. It is an honor to address you on this joyful occasion. I appreciate […]

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We Hold These Prejudices…
July 1, 1986
Author: Ruth Rosen

We hold these prejudices to be self-evident, that Jesus could not possibly be the Messiah of Israel; that whether or not we’ve examined the issue as individuals, we each are endued with the inalienable right to decide that he cannot be for us, the Jewish people. “We further declare that just as the entire Jewish […]

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Who Rejected Jesus?
November 1, 1984

Didn’t the Jews reject Christ?” The question came booming over the radio studio amplifier and out to the listening audience. The producer of the call-in program sitting across the table from me nearly had a heart attack! How the question ever passed the person screening calls from the control booth was difficult to imagine. However, […]

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