jewish evangelism stories

Resolutions That Guard Your Heart
Author: Susan Perlman

We don’t always know how the resolutions we make may one day guard our hearts—or even our bodies—as I discovered at the Israel in the Garden” celebration in San Francisco. It is amazing how many ways people can make their displeasure known when you are handing out gospel tracts in public, and after some 30 […]

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A Daily Reminder
Author: Peter Rice

Sometimes I reminisce about people I’ve had an opportunity to minister to, and I wonder how their spiritual journey is going. I’ve been in Washington for almost ten years, and many whom I’ve helped lead to faith have since moved away. Some-times God brings us into people’s lives for a brief season, but sometimes ministry […]

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A Welcome Interruption
Author: Bruce Rapp

So here I am running for my telephone as its ringing interrupts me for the fourth time. Hello, this is Bruce, can I help you?” “Yes, do you do Jews for Jesus?” the nervous voice at the other end inquired. “Excuse me?” “I mean, this is Jews for Jesus, right?” Trying to be patient, I […]

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The Bible Nobody Wanted

I was walking down the street in Brooklyn somewhat discouraged. I had just come from visiting a Russian Jewish couple who had returned a Bible that I had loaned them. They said that they were no longer interested in reading the Bible or considering that Jesus might be the Messiah. As I walked along, I […]

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Good Things Are Happening! A Messianic Praise and Progress Report

God is doing great things in our midst! It is good to bear one another’s burdens, but we also need to lift one another’s spirits with good news. So rejoice with us! We have a saying in Jews for Jesus: Every knock is a boost.” That certainly proved to be the case for our Odessa […]

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Yeladim for Yeshua
Author: Ruth Rosen

Has God ever surprised you? If He hasn’t yet, just wait. God is full of awesome surprises. One is, even though you are still a kid, you can make a very big and very important difference in someone’s life. You might not find out about it until much later. For instance… There was once a […]

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Silence Is Golden
Author: Mitch Glaser

We piled out of our cars then prayed in the parking lot that God would bless our efforts. We walked around the comer to where we could see hundreds of people pouring from the movie theaters while hundreds more lined up for blocks waiting to pour in. The aroma of pizza and pastry was everywhere […]

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