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Is Proselytizing Bad for the Jews?
Author: Ruth Rosen

Is proselytizing (presenting the “good news”) bad for the Jews?The answer goes beyond agreeing on the meaning of words, concern for Jewish survival or coming to conclusions based on the misdeeds of some followers. It really depends on whether it’s true.

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The History of Jewish Missions is Becoming Available Online… Volunteers Needed!

As society moves more and more into the digital age, so does the history of Jewish missions! Jews for Jesus staffer Rich Robinson has been overseeing an effort called the Digital Jewish Missions History Project, an online digital library of primary source materials from the history of Jewish evangelism. The site will include all kinds […]

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Joseph Rabinowitz and the Messianic Movement: The Herzl of Jewish Christianity
Author: Rich Robinson

Kai Kjµr-Hansen. Edinburgh: The Handsel Press; and Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1995. x, 262 pages. $16.99, paper. In 1882 a Russian Jew named Joseph Rabinowitz traveled to Eretz Israel to explore the feasibility of a Jewish settlement there. He returned home, as Kai Kjµr-Hansen tells us, with a new-found faith: that Jesus was the Jews’ […]

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A Messianic Progress Report
Author: Mitch Glaser

These are exciting days for Jewish believers in Jesus…perhaps the most exciting since the first century! The Messianic movement has made tremendous headway in dispelling the myth that developed—the myth that Jews cannot believe in Jesus. The dynamic growth which has taken place in the last twenty years is not merely the work of gifted […]

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