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My Jewish Nose
January 29, 2014
Author: Rachel Rothspan

In this country where everyone is an American first, I am different, because I am a descendant of Abraham

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We Had Questions…Oy! So Many Good Answers!
July 1, 2011

This was the most fun article to put together, because it’s all about YOU! We recognize that not all of our Havurah readers worship at a Messianic congregation, or live so far out in Yennevelt that they don’t have the option. Many in our Messianic family have chosen to worship in local churches and have […]

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Passover Quiz
March 30, 2007

Pharaoh refused God’s command to:

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Not Half and Half, But Whole
December 1, 2004

When my sister and I talked about getting tattoos, and my father asked us not to, at first I couldn’t understand why. After all, he’s the laidback, ex-hippie type, so I couldn’t see why he would be so against it. It is only recently that I realized why. The first tattoo my father ever saw […]

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Ethiopian Odyssey
September 1, 1998

Africa.…Slowly the beat of your heart is transformed to the rhythmic call of a tribal drum. The setting sun bathes the land in molten gold, as a herd of antelope races across a plateau. You share their sense of urgency as darkness descends around you. Suddenly through a thicket, you see a glimmer of light. […]

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Is the Religious Right Good or Bad for the Jews?
May 1, 1998
Author: Alan Shore

Social concerns for Jewish Americans and how the right-left split ultimately affects Jewish believers in Jesus.

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The Journey
March 1, 1998
Author: Alan Shore

A young Jewish man’s spiritual quest takes him around the globe but the truth he’s seeking takes him by surprise.

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Fiddler Over Wisconsin (circa 1904)
May 1, 1993

Jewish settlers in the middle west were of German and Russian-Lithuanian descent. Milwaukee was the nucleus of Jewish life in Wisconsin, branching into small communities all over the state. The immigrants started as peddlers by wagon, to the farmers, next opening small stores in outlying areas, and finally many became bank presidents and chain store […]

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Beyond the Barrier of Commercialism
December 1, 1989

Despite the commercialism and secularization of the Christmas season, it remains a special time of year to believers in Jesus. At Christmas we think more readily of the impact of Christ’s birth, the joy that heralded his arrival and the majesty he forfeited in order to come and live among us. Many who are not […]

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Jewish Revival: Where To From Here?
September 1, 1988
Author: Rich Robinson

Secularization” is defined as the process in which those things religious transfer to nonreligious use, possession or control. To say that something is “secular” means that it is without religion or religious significance. Secularization has become a major concern to today’s Jewish community. It began with the Haskalah movement among Jews of Eastern Europe in […]

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The Egg and Miriam or: A Post-Easter Assessment
February 1, 1988
Author: Mitch Glaser

So I’ve mentioned my children in past Mishpochah Messages; please, bear with this Jewish father. I couldn’t expect you to recognize the fact that our two are the brightest, most intelligent children in the world, but the doctor’s name is Miriam and the lawyer is Jenni. They are wonderful kids who do not make it […]

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What’s Behind the Chopped Liver Swan? OR, Lifestyles of the Messianic
January 1, 1988
Author: Mitch Glaser

Stuart Dauermann walked into what he thought was a kosher delicatessen and saw what he thought was a Jewish counterman putting together what he thought was a ham sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread. With astonishment he stared at the apparently Jewish proprietor and said, Isn’t that a ham sandwich?” To which the answer came, […]

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Lights: Blinking or Blazing?
March 1, 1987
Author: Mitch Glaser

What do Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Mitch Glaser have in common? We’ve all been on the road to Singapore.” Only I wasn’t singing and dancing and ogling Dorothy Lamour. Well, actually, I did do some singing and just a little dancing…but the only thing I ogled was some magnificent scenery. I was just one […]

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Acceptance: The Jewish Dilemma
November 1, 1986
Author: Mitch Glaser

What does it mean to be Jewish? The answer evades us. Rabbis are less than unanimous in defining what a Jew is. For some, being Jewish means a lifetime of wandering through the Sinai wilderness of identity. I remember a major debate that I shared with other young Hebrew school students my age. The question […]

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Songs of Smiles and of Sadness
May 1, 1985

Tevye the Milkman (from Fiddler On The Roof) bemoans his wearisome plight. The horse has gone lame, there’s trouble in the town, and the chickens have stopped laying eggs. With all this tsuris (trouble) what is the response of the milkman from Anatevka? He dreams a dream and he sings a song… If I were […]

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My Name Change
March 1, 1985

Most children are given the regular complement of names at birth. For me, however, having been born into a Jewish home, I was given another name along with the regular designations. Not only was I Fred Goldstein” but at my bris my parents added a Yiddish appellation—Feivel. I don’t think my parents realized that all […]

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Portrait of a Messianic Jewish Wedding
March 1, 1983

Baruch habah! May he who cometh be blessed! Mi adir al hakol, mi baruch al hakol, y’vorech chatan v’kalah. He who is supremely mighty; He who is supremely praised; He who is supremely great; May he bless this bridegroom and bride… Beneath the embroidered velvet chupah we listened to the words of this ancient benediction, […]

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