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Jewish Core Values, Jesus and You, Part Three
August 7, 2012
Author: Rich Robinson

Jewish Core Value Do not oppress the stranger, orphan, and widow. Or phrased more positively, to extend help to the vulnerable of society. In Traditional Jewish Life According to Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, more than just material support of widows and orphans is required. He cites the medieval sage Maimonides: “A man ought to be especially […]

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Jewish Core Values, Jesus and You, Part Two
April 30, 2012

Jewish Core Value Tzedakah, meaning both “justice” and “charity” Pronunciation Rhymes with “red rocka.” “Tz” is pronounced as in “its.” In Traditional Jewish Life The connection between justice and charitable giving is simple: giving to charity (referred to as “giving tzedakah“) promotes justice. As one pamphlet put it, ” ‘Tzedakah’ is usually translated as ‘charity,’ […]

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Jewish Core Values, Jesus and You
March 6, 2012

Jewish Core Value Avoidance of lashon hara (literally, “evil tongue”) — gossip, “bad-mouthing”1 Pronunciation Rhymes with “The phone – ta da!” In Traditional Jewish Life Speaking evil of someone is clearly forbidden; some rabbis of the Talmud equated lashon hara with murder.2 One story compares lashon hara to the feathers in a pillow which have […]

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What Rosenberg Can Learn From Rodriguez
February 28, 2008

A Satmar Orthodox Jewish man once told me, “Messianic Jews aren’t Jewish!” He went on to add, “Reformed, Conservative, Hassidic and most ‘Orthodox’ Jews aren’t really Jewish either. . . .” Jewish identity was a simple matter for him. Real Jews follow the teachings of the Satmar rebbe. But for most Jewish people, including Jewish […]

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