Was Jesus’ death a violation of the commandment against human sacrifice?
June 30, 2011

Links Was Jesus’ Death a Violation of the Commandment Against Human Sacrifice?

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What is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead?

Articles Did He Or Didn’t He? Jewish Views of the Resurrection of Jesus by David Mishkin Offsite Links Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History? by Edwin M. Yamauchi Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell Ten Reasons to Believe Christ Rose From the Dead The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus by William Lane Craig

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Do the genealogies of Jesus in the New Testament show that he can’t be the Messiah?

Articles The Genealogy of the Messiah by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum The Problem of the Curse on Jeconiah in Relation to the Genealogy of Jesus Offsite Links Problems in the Genealogies of Jesus

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What have some Jewish people said about Jesus?

Some Jewish Views of Jesus Jesus in Jewish Art by Rich Robinson

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Did Jesus even exist?

Articles “…there is no real evidence that he ever existed” Offsite Links Extrabiblical, Non-Christian Witnesses to Jesus before 200 A.D.

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What are some reasons for believing Jesus is the Messiah?

The following are recommended articles and resources provided by Jews for Jesus. What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah? Letter to the Editor of ISSUES, and The Editor’s Response by Susan Perlman Yeshua—Let’s Clear Things Up by Susan Perlman » Issues on Messianic Prophecies A look at one of the predictions of […]

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Is Jesus the Messiah?

June 29, 2011

Popular Topics “He was a good rabbi. He taught everyone to be nice to one another.” “He was a good Jew, but Paul made him into a god for the Gentiles.” “He got in trouble with the authorities and became a political martyr.” One thing is certain; after two thousand years, Jesus of Nazareth is […]

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Meshugge or Messiah?
November 2, 2005

Meshugge or Messiah? You know what meshugge means, right? It’s Yiddish for crazy, loony, nuts, weird. But do you know the meaning of Messiah? (pick one) A. A way of stalling indefinitely B. The beginning of an apology… C. Music that sounds a little like a classical rendition of “Yes, We Have No Bananas.” D. […]

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What About Yeshua’s Resurrection?
March 1, 2003

The resurrection of Yeshua is perhaps the most convincing vindication of his claims to be Messiah, especially since he predicted it. An assortment of explanations has been offered to explain away the resurrection as either non-historical (It never happened.”) or as non-supernatural (“Here’s how it happened.”). Run down the possibilities for yourself and see which […]

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