Can Israel Survive ISIS

Today’s threat from ISIS is not the first time Israel has faced radical fundamentalism from Syria. The modern-day fundamentalism is a flash forward of what the prophet Daniel predicted (and which came to pass in the second century b.c.). But today’s existential threat to Israel is building to a far greater crisis.

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I Will Fear No Evil
Author: Shimon Eitan

In these times of stress and uncertainty, many people rely on one another to feel supported, holding onto each other for strength. But it is difficult to grip the arm of your friend when the ground seems to be shaking underneath your feet. For the few of us in Israel who believe in Yeshua, we know that the only thing reliable and strong enough to hold us is the Lord.

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Whom Shall I Fear?

Afer Yoel and his five siblings, all born in the U.S., made aliyah with their mom and dad, he and his brother Dan served in an elite unit in the IDF, where both have narrowly escaped death in combat. Yoel, a Messianic Jew, shares his story and reflects on the difficult subject of God’s protection in battle.

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Movie Review: Flipping Out

Review of a 2008 documentary about Israelis who travel to India, get involved with the drug scene, and “flip out.”

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Missiles, Messiahs and Maccabees
Author: Rich Robinson

A Hanukkah Meditation It’s Almost Hanukkah Hanukkah will soon be arriving (December 8, 2012 to be exact). The erev of the holiday falls on the night of December 7 — which happens to be the “date that will live in infamy” when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Which brings me to another possible war, the escalating […]

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Happy Birthday Israel: Many Jewish Views
Author: Matt Sieger

Jews everywhere will be opining on the modern State of Israel as we celebrate her 64th anniversary. For many Diaspora Jews, the mention of Israel brings up deep emotions. In an Israeli Independence Day essay contest, Darcy Silvers wrote: I may live in the Diaspora, but Israel is in my heart. I think of Israel […]

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An Excerpt: Bound for the Promised Land

Prologue The air was heavy and hot. A thick, drowsy calm engulfed us. Scarcely a sound broke the monotony of the languid Sabbath afternoon. My husband and I were resting in our small apartment facing an empty courtyard. The rows of sleepy blocks of flats behind us formed a jagged square. They too seemed to […]

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You Are Home

My responsibilities with Jews for Jesus have me traveling approximately 125 days a year. As I write to you, I have just begun an eight-day trip that is taking me first to Dallas, then to London. I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him, yet I have never quite gotten […]

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A Persecuted Church in Israel?

A strange phenomenon is occurring. Despite a growing awareness of the persecuted church around the world, it seems like the plight of the church in Israel is practically off the radar.” I happened to be a guest at a good evangelical church on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. I heard many […]

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Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer

Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer Reported by Jim Brown for One News Now. Copyright 2006, 2007 American Family News Network Christian radio talk-show host Janet Parshall, a high-profile American evangelical known for her strong support of Israel, has dropped out of a Jerusalem conference sponsored by a Christian caucus of […]

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Test Your Yiddishkeit

The Festival of Purim is on March 4 this year. Let’s see how much you know about this Jewish holiday: The word “Purim” means

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“The Best of the Holy Land” Tour

Your host, Lon Solomon, is Jewish and has believed in Jesus 36 years; he’s been pastor of McLean Bible Church for 26 years and has served as a valued member of the Jews for Jesus board of directors for 20 years. This will be his 31st tour of Israel. Date: October 22-October 30, 2007 (Israel […]

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Bits from The Branches

Essen Irina Ryvkina reports, “Natasha had attended a Messianic congregation over a long period of time, though not regularly because she is very ill. After she was recently hospitalized, I decided to visit her with a brother in Christ who lives in her city. Natasha was very glad to see us. She shared her anxieties, […]

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Christianity studies introduced into Israeli schools

Do you think Jewish students in Israel should be able to study the life of Jesus in school? According to an October 7th article in Ynetnews, “Starting from this school year, high school students will be able to take matriculation exam in ‘Christian religion.’ Program currently open for Arab students only, but Education Ministry says […]

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Postcards from Israel

Collective National Depression Israel has just come through a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon and no one there seems to think it went well. There is no confidence that any lasting peace will result from this war. Israelis prefer peace, but most felt that this fight was a necessary defence against terrorist attack. When the […]

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Omission: The Sin Against Israel

Good deeds sometimes do more harm than good. That’s right. If we busy ourselves with doing good while omitting what is best, then what is good eventually shrivels into a sorry substitute for what is best.

Author Robert Stearns has written a compelling cover story for this month’s edition of Charisma Magazine, titled “Why Israel Matters.” He urges Christians to support the nation of Israel, using both a theological and political perspective. But he leaves out the most important truth for Christians to understand about Israel

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Running Away

I was camped with my paratrooper unit in the desert surrounding the Dead Sea when I recognized the name Joshua Friedberg on the front page of an Israeli newspaper. Ne’dar, missing. Before I had time to process what was happening, I was on a bus heading back to Machon Meir Yeshiva in Jerusalem to join […]

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Talking with Tass: A Palestinian who Loves the Jewish People

As we reflect on the issue of reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian believers, we thought you might appreciate reading a bit from Tass Abu Sadr, a Palestinian who was raised as a Muslim and has been a believer in Jesus since 1993. Tass spent many years as a Fatah fighter; his is a radical example […]

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Resources to Consider: Why Care About Israel by Sandra Teplinsky and Arabs in the Shadow of Israel by Tony Maalouf
Author: Ruth Rosen

Book Title: Why Care About Israel Arabs in the Shadow of Israel Author: Sandra Teplinsky Tony Maalouf Date Published: June 1, 2004 November 10, 2003 Publisher: Chosen Books Kregel Academic & Professional Genre: 1. Pentecostal & Charismatic2. Judaism3. Worship and Devotion 1. Prophecy2. Prophecies3. Israel & Palestine ISBN: 978-0800793432 978-0825431845 Reviewer: Ruth Rosen Ruth Rosen […]

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Alarmist Bells in Israel

It is the nature of the media to zero in on drama — so it is no surprise that reports on the Middle East always emphasize whatever is most volatile in this troubled region. It is difficult, even for Christians, to avoid being caught up in the hyperbole and overheated rhetoric. Some people are just […]

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Pastor and Rabbi Tour Israel Together

Yes, a group of Jews and Christians are visiting the Land of Israel together, right now, led by a rabbi and a pastor who have expressed the hope of learning from one another. They are wrapping up their trip in the next few days. Pray for open and honest discussions about Jesus. (We don’t know […]

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The BYG Pic

Irina Volodarskaya is a young Jewish believer from Kiev who has helped out as both a literary and oral translator from English into Russian. A few of the recent Davar” publications were her handiwork, and she most recently served as one of the translators at the School of the Messengers in Germany. I’ve hoped that […]

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Unless the Lord Had Been Our Help…

It’s June of ’92, and our Jews for Jesus team of 20 board the British Airways plane from London to Israel. Our faces show a mixture of excitement and apprehension. We are about to spend two months on a moshav (a farm/hotel) outside of Jerusalem. From this base we will do evangelism and take courses […]

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The Desert Hasn’t Blossomed Yet
Author: Stephen Katz

This year, Israel is celebrating its 50th birthday, its modern Year of Jubilee. In the last 50 years the world has seen the Israeli desert blossom like the Garden of Eden. Yet there has been no such spiritual blossoming in the hearts of the people of Israel—our Jewish people—who live in the Land. There have […]

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Yeshua and Israel

The Jewish religion is not static, fixed in ancient times. New rulings of rabbinical interpretation of the law meet the modern milieu and even a new Jewish holiday can find its way onto the calendar. The fifth day of the month of Iyyar marks the anniversary of the day in 5708 when the modern state […]

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Painting of Jerusalem at Night

Night in Jerusalem
Author: Jules Tavalin

  A cool canopy stretches the rim of the earth, -from the four corners drive the four winds of heaven; like caravans laden with splendor of Kings they bear perfume, clouds of spice and weave them with the Night in Jerusalem. The hot afternoon has flown, the dusk settles slowly, -dying shades of daylight stain […]

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