Dare to Hope
September 22, 2015
Topics: hope

What can we gain from Jeremiah’s advice to people who were completely and utterly devastated?

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Promises of Hope in the Bible
June 1, 2009
Topics: hope

The Bible pulls no punches in describing the state of hopelessness that our sin causes. But neither is it stingy in making promises to those who take hold of the hope God has offered. Below is a small sprinkling of the promises that God has made to us in His Word. He tells us how…

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Irresistible, Irrepressible Hope
December 1, 2007

Question: On which day (or night) of the year are Israeli Jews most likely to set foot in a church? Answer: Christmas Day (or Eve). Surprised? It’s true. Add to that the annual “December dilemma” discussions in synagogues, Jewish newspapers, magazines and websites about Jewish participation in cultural/secular Christmas activities . . . and you…

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Dare We Hope?
September 1, 2002

How do we find personal hope in God?

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Invited (or, Ode for Diogenes)
Topics: poetry, hope

I wake up in the morning And put on my cynical shirt Button my cynical buttons Straighten my cynical tie And march out with my lantern1 to the marketplace. I sit in my cynical box,2 and wait A woman approaches me A glass in her hand Half-full or empty, she asks? I shrug, who cares?…

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May 1, 1997
Author: Mark Greene

Of a morning The ancient breeze would unfurl, Gentle on the old man. Together they would go To the place of promise. And promise had been made, Nested in his heart, And promise had lain there, Content for the future. Only occasionally, as the years blew by, Gusted by anxiety, he would wonder: ‘Will he…

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November 1, 1992
Topics: poetry, hope
Author: James Wilson

There is hope in the valley of despair There is light where darkness claims the right There is faith where oppression holds the reins There is life where desolation takes its toll

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