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Letter from J. I. Packer
December 1, 2003
Author: J.I. Packer

Jews for Jesus is a worldwide Christian mission that was born against the background of California’s Jesus movement and has grown steadily ever since. Holding that Jesus of Nazareth — God incarnate, crucified, risen, and now reigning — is the true Messiah foretold in the Old Testament and the true fulfillment of Jewish hopes, the…

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Letter from Joseph Stowell

I am convinced that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our Jewish friends is of utmost importance in God’s plan for the world — and all the more as we draw closer to the return of Christ. By supporting Jews for Jesus, you are doing that in one of the most effective ways possible….

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Letter from Leighton Ford
Author: Leighton Ford

The first followers of Jesus were all Jews — women and men so touched and changed by him that they had to tell their friends and neighbors — yes, and their religious and political leaders — about him. When they were ordered to stop they said, We can’t help telling what we’ve seen and heard.”…

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Letter from Mark L. Bailey
February 3, 2003
Author: Mark Bailey

To whom it may concern: I have watched the ministry of Jews for Jesus for twenty-five years. I have known their chairman of the board, Byron Spradlin, for the same period. Susan Perlman now serves on the board of Dallas Theological Seminary, and I am pleased to call Moishe Rosen and David Brickner my friends….

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Letter from Vernon Grounds

What a privilege it was to serve on the board of Jews for Jesus! I enjoyed that responsibility for 18 years and regretfully gave it up only because of advancing age (I am now 88). As an organization Jews for Jesus was operated with admirable efficiency (it still is) and likewise in keeping with highest…

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Letter from Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
January 31, 2003

Mr. David Brickner Jews For Jesus 10962 LeConte Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90024 Dear Friends of Jews for Jesus: It is a special delight for me to send my warm greetings and congratulations to Jews for Jesus as you approach your thirtieth anniversary. I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the great impact you…

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