dream interpretation

No More Religious Confusion
Author: Shimon Eitan

When a rabbi told him that he didn’t have to believe in God, Shimon Eitan became even more confused about Judaism.

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The “Man” of My Dreams
Author: Rose Becker

Years ago, it must have been about 1942 or ’43, I was sleeping and I experienced what I thought was a dream. I dreamed I was being chased by a giant-sized man. I was running over hills and mountains: he was chasing me with a sickle. I ran and ran until I couldn’t run any…

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The Talmud on Interpreting Dreams

Lord of the Universe! I am Thine and my dreams are Thine; a dream have I dreamed and I know not what it is…If they be good dreams, strengthen and fortify them and may they be fulfilled like the dreams of Joseph; but if they require to be amended, heal them as the waters of…

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: Yakov’s Dream
Author: Susan Perlman

Everyone who lived in the little town of Vaysechvoos would agree that Yakov the shammes was a simple man, a man of few words. A widower for over twenty years, he lived in a humble one room dwelling behind the synagogue. His little room contained a bed with high wooden posts and a chair which…

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