divinity of the messiah

The Messiah Would be God!

The New Testament throughout shows that Jesus is indeed the “Mighty God” who has come among us as a human being. Jesus does things only God can do, such as forgive sins and command nature to obey him.

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Is the Messiah Divine?

Gus was a nice guy. But he was also a pest.  As a telecommunications engineer I could not have asked for a better co-worker. Gus was proficient and always in a good mood. As a Jew, however, I would have preferred that he talk about almost anything else while working by my side. He was always…

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The Son of God

The writer of Proverbs paints a mysterious picture of a figure who bears the name of God’s son and asks the reader to identify him. But is the idea of God having a son actually Jewish? “Who has gone up to heaven and come down? Who has gathered up the wind in the hollow of…

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