creative outreach

Our Tel Aviv branch hosted more than 600 Israelis
March 9, 2017

“Doing things Jesus’ way” includes being part of our local communities. In Tel Aviv, our Moishe Rosen Center gives us many opportunities to share what we have with our neighbors, and in so doing, to honor our Messiah.

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Brave Enough to Dream
December 2, 2016

Our L.A. branch is about to undergo a complete transformation.

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Young Israelis pose at our “Made in Florentin” photo booth.

Flourishing in Florentin
November 16, 2016

The Moishe Rosen Center engages with Tel Aviv’s artistic community during the “Made in Florentin” street fair

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Holiday Outreach!
February 23, 2016

Here are some fun photos to inspire you to pray for our Purim outreaches this month

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More artful outreach… NYC!
May 22, 2015

People, Art, Heart: a report on artful outreach in New York City.

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A cup of cold water
August 19, 2014

How do we proclaim the gospel in word and deed and what does it really mean to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name?

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Creativity: One of our Core Values
August 5, 2011
Author: Ruth Rosen

It’s mid-morning on Thursday as seven people pile into Susan Perlman’s office at our San Francisco headquarters. Many of us bring our cups of coffee. The last two people have to roll their own chairs into the room; it’s not really fitted out for team meetings of this size. Our group consists of Susan Perlman,…

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Something Old, Something New
January 1, 2008

Harry was 75 and in the hospital when I first met him. I was 26 and just beginning my new ministry in Chicago. As I told him about Jesus he said, “David, I’m 75 years old and that is just too old to change.” I pointed out that he was in excellent company since Abraham…

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Boombamela Outreach
April 1, 2007

If you are looking for the quick 411, our three-day outreach resulted in 155 Jewish seekers giving us their contact information for follow up, and 2 Jewish people prayed to receive the Lord. We distributed 400 New Testaments, 200 other books for people to learn more about Jesus’ claims, and we handed out 2500 tracts….

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Boombamela New Age Festival Photos

Photography by David Wheeler. Click on images to enlarge. “Yeshua Rescued Me” Banner with Hebrew Website Banner in Silhouette “Yeshua Rescued Me” Sign Drew Seekers to Our Booth Volunteer Engages Seekers with New Testament Throngs Crowd Beach at Boombamela New Age Festival Some Come for the Music Creative Sand Sculptures Abound Some Are Human Canvases…

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New Age in Israel
June 1, 2004
Author: Dan Sered

Most Israelis are required to serve in the Israeli Defense Force for at least two years. After their service in the IDF, many are weary from facing the reality of death every day, so they decide to get away for awhile. The Far East is a popular destination for these young people. They want to…

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On Faith and Creativity
May 1, 1998

Although this is only the second issue of Havurah, we’ve already begun a tradition: Each edition will feature an article about what’s happening in the Messianic Jewish art world. At this rate—if the Lord tarries—Havurah will need to be published well into the second millennium! We at Jews for Jesus keep discovering” new creativity and…

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