christian anti-semitism

HITLER’S THEOLOGIANS: The Genesis of Genocide
Author: Stan Meyer

Did Hitler and his followers carry out a theology that is Christian at its roots?

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Christians Persecute Jews

Persecution in the name of Jesus is the most emotionally charged strand of the net of objections. More than anything else, many people point to Christian anti-Semitism” as a reason to dismiss Jesus. When Jewish people find themselves questioning whether Jesus might be the Messiah, thoughts of the Crusades and the Holocaust quickly rush to […]

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Guilty or Not Guilty?: The Passion, Collective Guilt and Choice
Author: Susan Perlman

Mel Gibson’s film, the Passion of Christ” provides a contemporary context for the age old question: “Who is responsible for Jesus’ death?””

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To the Jew First: A Biblical Analysis of the ‘Two-Covenant’ Theory of the Atonement
Author: Rich Robinson

By Joseph P. Gudel. Christian Research Journal (July-September 1998), pp. 36-42. The two-covenant theory has circulated for some years among non-evangelicals and even among some conservative Christians. If you’ve ever been told that Jews don’t need Jesus because they “already have a covenant with God,” then you are hearing this theory of salvation, which was […]

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Abraham Geiger and the Jewish Jesus

By Susannah Heschel. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1998. xii, 317 pages. This book is the engaging story of a Jewish scholar who came to challenge the institutionalized anti-Judaism rampant in the German church establishment in the last half of the nineteenth century. Abraham Geiger was born in Germany in 1810. In addition to a […]

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Christian Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is both illogical and irrational. Its bitter fruit stems from psychological, political, and religious roots. Whatever the causes, this scourge has plagued humanity for centuries. Although the term anti-Semitism was only recently coined in 1879 by the German agitator, Wilhelm Marr, it was soon applied to all forms of hostility toward Jews throughout history.1 […]

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