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Setting prisoners free in Montreal!
March 29, 2018

Passover is the story of redemption. What better place to present Christ in the Passover than to inmates in a high-security prison?

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The Festival of Redemption
April 1, 2009

Passover heads the list of yearly feasts that God commanded the Israelites to celebrate. It commemorates how God redeemed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, while at the same time paving the way to understand an even greater redemption that Jesus offers to people of all backgrounds. The love and respect that some Christians…

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Passover Praises
April 1, 2007

It’s a bit early to have many reports back from this Passover season, but we did want to report some answers to pray since we asked you to pray that Jewish seekers would attend our Passover banquets. In Los Angeles, two Jewish people who attended our Passover banquet responded to the invitation to receive the…

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Christ in the Passover
March 27, 2007
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Tidbits from missionary tours
April 1, 2006

Thank you for praying for our missionaries as they have been on tour presenting Christ in the Passover. Some great things have been happening! Joshua Sofaer was on his way to speak at a church in Long Island, NY. He had brought one of his daughters along and they decided to stop for a snack…

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Christ in the Passover Presentations and Banquets
March 1, 2006

Meet a Jews for Jesus Missionary! Our missionaries are touring all over the United States presenting Christ in the Passover. We would love the opportunity to meet you, and this would also be a good opportunity for you to bring a friend, Jewish or Gentile, who needs to hear the gospel. To see if any…

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Celebrate Passover with Jews for Jesus!
March 1, 2005

Many of our missionaries are out and about across the country, presenting Christ in the Passover.” This is a great opportunity to meet one of our missionaries, and an even greater opportunity to bring an unsaved friend (Jewish or otherwise) to experience the gospel in a new way. To see if one of our missionaries…

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Thanks for Praying: Passover Updates
April 1, 2004

We asked you to pray as many of our staff have been out presenting Christ in the Passover” and we also asked prayer for the Passover Banquets held in our various branches. Here are just a few highlights so you can be praying for the follow-up. (We will report the fuller stories next spring in…

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Is Jews for Jesus coming to a town near you?
February 1, 2004

For two to three weeks in March and April many of our missionaries are on on the road” presenting Christ in the Passover. This gives us a chance to make new friends for our ministry, do evangelism in areas we usually can’t cover, and bless our brothers and sisters with a deeper look at what…

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Book Review: Christ in the Passover
October 31, 1983
Author: Rich Robinson

Book Title: Christ in the Passover Author: Moishe Rosen (Author), Ceil Rosen (Author) Date Published: May 1, 2006 Publisher: Moody Publishers; New Edition edition Genre: 1. Judaism2. Ritual3. Evangelism ISBN: 978-0802413895 Reviewer: Rich Robinson Christ in the Passover might seem to make as much sense as “Buddah in the Sukkah” to some people. On the…

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