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Jewish Humor in Not-so-Funny Times
Author: Susan Perlman

A look at the significance of Jewish laughter.

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Spiritual Amnesia and the Jewish People

From Mosaic times to today, the problem of Jewish memory loss regarding God and how to follow him.

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Is Dr. Laura’s Message Really Good Medicine?

Is this convert to Orthodox Judaism correct in enforcing a strict moral code?

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Acceptance: The Jewish Dilemma
Author: Mitch Glaser

What does it mean to be Jewish? The answer evades us. Rabbis are less than unanimous in defining what a Jew is. For some, being Jewish means a lifetime of wandering through the Sinai wilderness of identity. I remember a major debate that I shared with other young Hebrew school students my age. The question […]

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A Calendar That Tells More Than the Date
Author: Moishe Rosen

The central theme of the message which brought Jewish people together and bound us to one another is Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one God.” In this affirmation, there are many inferences to be understood. Some would look no further than the interpretation that He alone is deity. This truth is more […]

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