Yartzheit for the Cardinal
Author: Joshua Turnil

Jean-Marie Lustiger walked nervously up to the dais to preside over his first mass. The church was packed and the silence palpable. Just as the young priest was about to speak, someone from the crowd yelled, “Get the Jews out!” Lustiger’s reply broke the stunned silence, “All right, if the Jews must leave, that means…

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Max Jacob, an important French poet of the early 20th century, was born to Jewish parents in 1876. Also a painter, he lived in extreme poverty. Jacob met Pablo Picasso in 1901. They shared a studio and later lived three doors from each other in Paris. Jacob had a vision of Jesus in 1909 in…

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Edith Stein, the first Jew to be declared a saint by the Catholic Church, was born in Breslau, Germany, on Yom Kippur, 1891. Her father died when she was two and her mother, a devout Jew, raised her and her six siblings. Stein earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of G÷ttingen. In 1921…

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Bread from Heaven: Stories of Jews Who Found the Messiah

Book Title: Bread from Heaven: Stories of Jews Who Found the Messiah Author: Ronda Chervin Date Published: October 1, 1994 Publisher: Remnant of Israel Genre: 1. Spiritual Growth2. Religion & Spirituality ISBN: 978-1892875808 Reviewer: Patty Mendelsohn Review Date: Sep 1, 1995 When people come to faith in Jesus, it is always greeted with great rejoicing…

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