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Moishe’s Musings
September 1, 2006
Author: Moishe Rosen

I guess that some think that John the Baptist founded Jews for Jesus. But he was martyred in 29 A.D. and we weren’t founded till 32 A.D. Seriously, I think some people bring up my denomination in a feeble attempt to play to the prejudices of those who wrongly believe that one can’t be a […]

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Reaching Israel from New York City
Author: Rachel Soren

Campaign leaders: Aaron Abramson and Daniel Goldstein For the first time in our history, an Israeli team of Jews for Jesus campaigned among the 200,000 Israelis in New York City. Clad in Hebrew Jews for Jesus T-shirts and carrying Hebrew broadsides and other gospel literature, they also placed gospel ads in local Hebrew newspapers, conducted […]

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Behold Your God update: S?o Paulo campaign just wrapped up
December 1, 2004

The S?o Paulo campaign ran from November 22 to December 11. During that time, campaigners handed out 432,550 broadside tracts. Eighty Jewish people and 277 Gentiles who do not yet believe in Jesus gave their names, addresses and phone numbers for further contact. Seven Jewish people and 98 gentiles prayed to receive the Lord! To […]

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More About Our Evangelism in The Soviet Union
September 1, 1990

In recent issues of this Newsletter we reported on an evangelistic tour to the Soviet Union by some of our Los Angeles staff and two other ministers, and we also published some encouraging pictures. We know that our five-person team made a definite impact for the gospel during that trip, and we expect to hear […]

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Summer Witnessing Campaign 1990

We have much cause for rejoicing about our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign this year. We went in shorthanded; last year we had 33 campaigners, but somehow this year we only had 22. It must have been Satan who sent fiery virus-tipped darts our way, because virtually all our campaigners and our eight stewards […]

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