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Pray for Our New Campaigners as They Train!
June 4, 2012

Jews for Jesus provides an annual full two-week training course on Jewish evangelism for our summer campaigners (and anyone else who is interested) under the auspices of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. This intensive course includes classroom studies as well as role-playing and on-the-street opportunities with our experienced Chicago missionaries to prepare campaigners for the […]

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It’s a Wonderful Life… in Jesus
November 1, 2009

Frank Capra has touched generations of film buffs with the classic fantasy of George Bailey’s wonderful life.” Feeling his life is of no use to anyone, George tries to end it—and discovers (with the help of his guardian angel) that he has succeeded in touching far more lives than he ever dreamed possible. As believers […]

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Campaign Characters
July 1, 2009

WHAT’S COOKIN’? Our chaplains help to provide spiritual food, but when it comes to meal times, we have Chef Wayne Erickson to keep those hunger pangs at bay. This will be Wayne’s eleventh summer* to cook for campaigners in New York City. He sold his catering business in June of 1996. “Soon after,” he says, […]

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Spiritual Fitness on Campaign
May 1, 2009

Jews for Jesus witnessing campaigns  have always stressed spiritual  preparedness. In the early days,  Scripture memorization was part of the  rigorous routine of campaign. Each  morning the verse(s) were posted and  each day we were tested on the previous  day’s Scripture. The verses were  carefully selected to minister to us and  help us minister to […]

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