LiveChat L’Chaim!
November 11, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

How did this Jewish man find new life through our web chat platform?

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Taking the Plunge
February 1, 1999
Author: Stephen Katz

A Jew who lived in a Catholic neighborhood drove the neighbors crazy with the smell of barbecue every Friday night. The neighbors went on a campaign to persuade him to convert, so that like them, he would be constrained to eat fish on Fridays. He agreed. Surprised at how easy the conversion was, he asked […]

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Milk and Honey: Forms that Reflect our Faith

One of the challenges we face as Jewish believers is finding forms that reflect and connect our faith in the God of our ancestors, our new birth in the Messiah Yeshua, and our Jewish heritage. Our desire is to keep those forms biblical and distinctly Jewish and to weave them creatively throughout our worship and […]

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Baptism: Pagan or Jewish?
July 1, 1983
Author: Ceil Rosen

BINST GEVOREN A GOY! “You’ve become a Gentile!” We Jewish believers in Yeshua often encounter this accusation after we’ve been baptized.

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