Spiritual Amnesia and the Jewish People

From Mosaic times to today, the problem of Jewish memory loss regarding God and how to follow him.

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Jewish Survival in a Changing World

A close look at assimilation and what it means to be committed to Jewish survival.

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The Vanishing American Jew

The Vanishing American Jew by Alan M. Dershowitz (Boston: Little, Brown & Co.) 395 pp. $24.95 With a title as bleak as The Vanishing American Jew, one might expect this latest offering from famed Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz to be a dour exercise in whining and hand-wringing. But instead of sounding like a prophet […]

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Jewish and Christian: Can It Be?
Author: Ruth Rosen

The meaning of the terms Jews, Gentiles, and Christians is explored in order to answer the title question.

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Saving Remnants: Feeling Jewish in America
Author: Glenn Harris

Saving Remnants: Feeling Jewish in America by Sara Bershtel and Allen Graubard. The Free Press (a division of McMillan, Inc.) 1992 333 pp. Do the Jewish people in America today stand at the threshold of extinction? Harvard graduates, Sara Bershtel and Allen Graubard, tackle the assimilation paradox in their new book, Saving Remnants: Feeling Jewish […]

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Our Roots: A Question of Jewish Allegiance
Author: Avi Brickner

On occasion I have been told by some of my fellow Jews that my open profession of faith in Jesus of Nazareth as Israel’s Messiah marks me as a traitor to my people. Once I accompanied a friend who also believes in Jesus to the office of a prominent rabbi in our city. It was […]

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My Jewish Family Album
Author: Leah Brickner

One of the greatest desires of my parents was that I should know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and love Him. From my earliest childhood, I remember my parents’ love for God and for His people, Israel. When I was very young they began to read to me the beautiful stories from the […]

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