The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries
September 1, 1997
Author: Rich Robinson

Book Title: The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries Author: Grant R. Jeffrey Date Published: September 1, 1997 Publisher: Tyndale House Pub Genre: 1. Prophecies2. Religion & Spirituality ISBN: 978-0842367950 Reviewer: Rich Robinson Review Date: Sep 1, 1997 A few years ago, the movie Field of Dreams popularized the expression, If you build it, they…

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We’re Glad You Asked…
January 1, 1993

QUESTION: On several occasions I have tried to speak to my Jewish friend about the Bible and what God requires from us, but she says that she cannot base her life on the Bible. She claims it was authored by human beings, not God, and besides, it was written too long ago to be valid…

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Skeptics and the Bible
July 1, 1984

A skeptic once posed the following question: How do you reconcile the teachings of the Bible with the latest scientific conclusions and psychological insights?” Without hesitation, the believer replied: “I haven’t seen this morning’s paper. What are the latest conclusions our scientists and psychologists have come up with?” Some people think that Reader’s Digest or…

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